A Visit to the WLU Pool Construction Site

July 28, 2009
David Knight

Early in the afternoon of July 22, I met with the Wilfrid Laurier University facilities people and a representative from the engineering firm, The Walter Fedy Partnership, over at the WLU pool. Included in the group were Patricia McDonald, WLU Athletics Department, Facilities Manager, Paul Wagg, WLU Maintenance Manager, and Frank Garcia, The Walter Fedy Partnership, Engineering Department.

The subject of the meeting was the wiring for our timing system at the pool. Our goal was to avoid the tangle of wires that results from all of the starting horns, touch pads, and plungers at each block. The horns need to be connected to the starter, and pads and plungers to the timing equipment, which are located on opposite sides of the pool. We also want to eliminate the need for the extra extension cords that are placed around the pool.

As we entered the pool area, I was told to grab some ear protection which amounted to a pair of small marshmallow-sized rubber plugs which were located in a box by the door. As we entered the pool, I immediately found out why we needed them. Drills and masonry saws were running constantly and they were loud! We did have to remove the ear plugs whenever we wanted to talk.

The first thing I noticed was the railing. Since there wasn't any water in the pool, the construction people had installed railings around the deep end of the pool in order to keep people from falling in.

They had also removed the lights and all the other fixtures from the pool area. Together with all the construction dust which covered everything, the pool had a very eerie feel to it. The only two items left on the deck were the Plexiglass enclosure for the lifeguards and the "Victor Davis" plaque.

We discussed the addition of a number of electrical outlets, so we wouldn't have to run extension cords from the pool office to the timing equipment and from the outlet near the windows to the starter. We also talked about moving one of the timing signal boxes to a better position on the wall.

The good news is that they are looking at providing us with a trough or a large pipe that we could use to keep our cables tidy. They will also provide us with waterproof boxes at each starting block to which we could connect the touch pad and plungers. This would avoid having cables lying all over the place and make the starting area much safer and easier to set up (we were never able to properly tape the cables down to the wet deck).

I talked to the group about replacing all the wall mounted timing system connection points, which are getting rather old and corroded. Happily, they agreed to this, so all the connections will be replaced. This will make the system more reliable.

I also mentioned that we could use a permanent PA system for voice and music. Patricia McDonald, the WLU Facilities Manager, is going to talk to the WLU Audio Visual department to get a quote. I'm sure the synchronized swimmers would also appreciate that as well.

The construction is well underway and it looks like we'll have a great new pool come September.
August 28th Photos

Boles leaving ROW

July 27, 2009
By Mark Bryson, Record staff

The timing was right for Dean Boles to take the plunge.

After 22 years as head coach of the Region of Waterloo Swim Club and the Wilfrid Laurier University swim team, Boles has accepted a position with Swim Ontario. He'll start his new job as a provincial mentor coach - a coach of coaches - in September.

Boles said two events in June convinced him it was time for a career change. The first was ROW's first hall of fame ceremony, which paid tribute to Olympians Mike West and the late Victor Davis, as well as former coach Cliff Barry. The second was a $2-million funding announcement from the provincial and federal governments to help make major repairs to the pool at Laurier. The community and the cities of Kitchener and Waterloo had already raised $2.2 million and the combined funds, said Boles, will keep the pool up and running for at least another 15 years.

"After watching Victor's video presentation (at the hall of fame ceremony), I said 'yes, this is completing my journey with ROW.' It sounds corny, I know, but that's how I felt," said Boles, who started with the club as a swimmer in 1980 and took over as coach when Barry left in 1987.

"And then when we secured the funding for the pool, I thought it was a great time for someone new to come in with fresh ideas and take the club to new heights."

With Swim Ontario, Boles will develop and implement programs that identify and educate top coaches and swimmers. The end result, of course, will be to enable coaches and athletes to represent Ontario and Canada on the international stage.

Ironically, said Boles, the mentor coach position had been dormant since Barry retired from the position several years ago. It was also Barry who Boles replaced at ROW in 1987.

Looking back on his time at ROW and Laurier, Boles is most proud of the role he played in helping swimmers make it to four different Olympic teams, starting with Laura Nicholls in Atlanta in 1996 and ending last year with Keith Beavers in Beijing. He's also proud of the fact that he was able to fill the huge shoes left by Barry to fill.

"Just seeing kids doing things they have done before, I'm very proud of that as well," said the 48-year-old Boles.

At Laurier, Boles has three times been named Ontario University Athletics coach of the year and has also won the 3M coach of the year title.

Boles expects to play a role in hiring his replacement or replacements, along with ROW president Tracy Bennett and Laurier director of athletics and recreation Peter Baxter. In fact, he expects he'll stick around for at least a month or so to help the new coach or coaches ease into their new roles.

His new job will allow him to stay in Waterloo Region, while making occasional trips down the 401 to Swim Ontario's Toronto office.

"I'm very excited about this," said Boles. "I really needed a new challenge and it's the right time for me to do this."

Dean Boles to Mentor Ontario Coaches

July 27, 2009

From the Region of Waterloo Board of Directors

Swim Ontario is proud to announce the appointment and hiring of Dean Boles as Provincial Mentor Coach. In his new role, Dean will be responsible for the implementation of Swim Ontario's Provincial Team Development programs. He will commence his responsibilities in September.

"The new position at Swim Ontario is an awesome opportunity for me and I look forward to the challenge. I would not have had this opportunity if it weren't for the opportunities that I embraced during my many years here — 29 years total — as a swimmer and coach; 22 as head coach. I'm recognized in high regard across the country due to the great people that surrounded me and supported me during those years. I am who I am due to the great organization of the Region of Waterloo Swim Club."

Since this means we will lose Dean as our head coach, we posted a Head Coach job position on the CSCA website last week with a deadline of August 3rd. We are receiving applications for review. Dean will continue to wean in the new coach and help ROW with club development this season. He will continue to live in Waterloo and our club will receive the benefit of his 29 years of knowledge which will be passed on to our next head coach. We have retained our other coaches from last season and we are working hard to have a full coaching staff for the coming season.

Any questions can be directed to Tracy Bennett at President@rowswimming.ca.

Boles to be Swim Ontario's New Mentor Coach

The Hawks say goodbye after 22 years

July 24, 2009

WATERLOO, Ont. - After 22 years as head coach of the Golden Hawk swimming program, Dean Boles has announced he will be leaving his position to pursue a new opportunity with Swim Ontario, the provincial governing body for amateur swimming.

In September, Boles will be taking over as the Provincial Mentor Coach, a position in which he'll be responsible for the implementation of Swim Ontario's Provincial team development programs.

Dean's coaching career commenced in the early 1980's as Age Group Coach for the ROW Swim Club in Waterloo. He became head coach of the Golden Hawk swimming program as well as ROW in 1987 and has been leading both teams since then. (more)

Swim Ontario Announces Dean Boles as Provincial Mentor Coach

July, 21, 2009

Toronto - Swim Ontario is proud to announce the appointment and hiring of Dean Boles as Provincial Mentor Coach. In his new role, Dean will be responsible for the implementation of Swim Ontario's Provincial Team Development programs. He will commence his responsibilities in September.

"We are incredibly pleased to welcome Dean as part of the Swim Ontario personnel," said Executive Director, John Vadeika of Swim Ontario. "As we aim for great performances in our future, aiming towards the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, Dean will be a tremendous asset to the development of our Provincial Team program while working with the personnel coaches and swimmers as they progress to the National Senior and Junior teams. "Through-out his extensive coaching career, Dean has consistently developed competitive international swimmers and has provided valuable mentorship to many of our top coaches." Vadeika added that, "In addition to Dean's accomplishments and skills, his current responsibilities as the Head Coach of our Ontario Canada Games team will provide for a great level of awareness of our current status and vision of where we need to go". (more)

ROW swimmers compete in biggest meet ever

July 22, 2009

The Canadian Age Group Championships were held on the scenic Île-Sainte-Hélène in Montreal, at the Jean Drapeau Aquatic Centre, from July 15-20. What was originally a five-day meet was expanded to six days due to the huge number of athletes qualifying and attending. In all, there were 1,560 swimmers from 197 clubs across Canada, including teams from the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.

This meet followed on the heels of Canada's World Aquatic Championships Trials, held at the same location ending just days before the Age Group Championships began. The Region of Waterloo Swim Club sent a team of twelve swimmers to compete at this year-ending meet.

As expected, the competition was very tough. ROW's top performer was Margot Cunningham, qualifying for the finals in four events (100-200 Back, 200-400 IM) and placing as high as 6th in the 200 Back. Also reaching the finals was Dean Bennett in the 100 Back, Graeme Kemp in the 200 Back, Sarah Doyle in 200 Breast, and David Mallett placing 8th in the 5 Km Open Water race.

Although not finalling, strong swims were performed by Carlos Riobo (50 and 200 Free), Christian Riobo (100-200 Fly), Frances Heather (100 Back, 100 Free), Jimmie Radyk (50 and 200 Breast), Robbie Gray (200 Free and 100 Back), Leanne Wiese (50-100 Breast) and Luke Summerhayes (200 Breast and 200 IM).

ROW swimmers now are on a much-deserved break until the action starts up again in September.

ROW performs well at London's Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational

July 14, 2009

A small contigent of six swimmers represented the ROW Swim Club very well at the 32nd anniversary of the London Aquatic Club's (LAC) Dr. Paul Hauch Invitational July 11, 2009-July 12, 2009. Finishing off their 2008-2009 swim season in style, this group competed Saturday against other south-western Ontario swim clubs for honours and prizes. This year, the meet was held indoors at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre as the Thames Pool is undergoing reconstruction. LAC had over 2 dozen sponsors for the meet, with about eight providing prizes for many of the heats, which added to the overall excitement of the races. A number of top three finishes were garnered by Hannah McKay (3 gold, 2 bronze), Emily Schueler (2 gold, 1 silver), Nicholas Pflug (2 silver), and Kostadin Kolev (2 silver, 2 bronze).


10 yr old girls:

  • Hannah McKay 1st 200 Free, 100 Fly, 200 IM, 3rd 50 Free, 200 Breast

12 year old boys:

  • Nicholas Pflug 2nd 50 Free, 50 Fly, 4th 100 Fly, 200 IM, 5th 200 Free

13 year old girls:

  • Emily Schueler 1st 200 Free, 200 IM, 2nd 200 Breast, 4th 100 Fly, 8th 50 Fly

14 year old girls

  • Sydney Johnston 4th 200 Free, 100 Back, 5th 50 Fly, 100 Fly, 200 IM

14 year old boys:

  • Kostadin Kolev 2nd 200 Back, 50 Fly, 3rd 100 Back, 200 IM, 6th 200 Free

15 year old girls:

  • Jacqueline Knight: 8th 100 Back

Beavers wins silver

July 08, 2009
Record staff, news services
Olympian Keith Beavers of the Region Of Waterloo swim club gave Canada its second medal of the World University Games yesterday, claiming silver in the men's 200-metre individual medley. Beavers swam in one minute 59.83 seconds to finish between gold-medal winner Alex Vanderkaay of the United States (1:57.58) and Yuma Kosaya of Japan (2:00.77). Beavers set the Canadian record of one minute 59.19 seconds at last year's Olympic Games in Beijing, where he placed seventh in the final. Four-time Olympic finalist Brian Johns of Richmond, B.C., had to settle for fourth place with a time of 2:01.50 after being second at the midway point of the race. Johns was the defending champion, setting a University Games mark of 1:59.97 at Bangkok in 2007.

Swimming (Day 3): Beavers wins Canada's 2nd medal

July 07, 2009


BELGRADE, Serbia - Olympic finalist Keith Beavers of Orangeville, Ont., gave Canada its second medal of the 25th Summer Universiade Tuesday night claiming silver in the men's 200-metre individual medley on the third day of swimming competition.

Summer Universiade website: www.universiade-belgrade2009.org
Team Canada website: www.universitysport.ca/belgrade

Beavers, who set the Canadian record of 1:59.19 at last year's Olympic Games where in placed seventh in the final, touched the wall in 1:59.83 Tuesday at the SRC Tasmajdan pool to finish between gold-medal winner Alex Vanderkaay of the United States (1:57.58) and Yuma Kosaya of Japan (2:00.77).

Four-time Olympic finalist Brian Johns of Richmond, B.C., who was the defending Universiade champion from 2007 in Bangkok where he set a FISU Games mark of 1:59.97, had to settle for fourth place with a time of 2:01.50 after being second at the midway point of the race.

Vanderkaay, who broke Johns' Universiade record for the first time in Monday evening's semis stopping the clock at 1:59.09, shaved another second and a half off the standard in the final.

"I'm extremely pleased with my race and so happy to win this medal," said Beavers, a Masters student at the University of Waterloo. "I felt really good. My backstroke was nice and strong, it tends to be best leg of my race. (more)

Swimming Recaps for July 7th (starts at 1:40 into the video)

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Beavers wins silver in 200-metre IM at World University Games


ROW swimmers medal at Ontario Age Group Championships

July 07, 2009

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club competed from July 2-5 in London's Canada Games Aquatic Center, the host of the 2009 Ontario Junior Provincial Championships.

ROW's swimmers acquitted themselves well, making multiple finals and coming away with top three finishes as well. London was the last minute host of the competition after the original Etobicoke location was cancelled due to the strike in Toronto. Even with the location change late in the game, the meet had 77 clubs attending with over 830 swimmers.

ROW's younger swimmers performed very well, racing to many top 8 finishes and multiple best times. Kurtis Gray (11) won Bronze in the 100 Breast.

With the World Trials and the Canadian Age Group Championships fast approaching, ROW's older athletes used this meet to sharpen their focus for these upcoming national events. Still, Robbie Gray (14) placed fourth in the 50 Free and won Silver in the 100 Free. Graeme Kemp (15) added a Bronze in the 200 back and two fourth place finishes in the 200 and 400 IM.

Ontario's Open Water Championship was held at Professors Lake in Brampton and ROW's David Mallett (15) placed third (and fifth overall) in the Men's 3 KM event. There were 130 competitors in this event.


11 yr old girls:

  • Jasmine Raines 8th 100 Breast

11 year old boys:

  • Kurtis Gray 3rd 100 Breast, 5th 200 IM

12 year old girls:

  • Cassandra Holtby 8th 100 Fly

14 year old boys:

  • Dean Bennett 4th 200 Back, 200 IM, 6th 100 Back
  • Robbie Gray 2nd 100 Free, 4th 50 Free
  • 200 Medley Relay 8th (Bennett, Jimmie Radyk, Kemp, Gray)

15 year old girls

  • Leanne Wiese 8th 200 Breast

15 year old boys:

  • Graeme Kemp: 3rd 200 Back, 4th 200-400 IM

16 year old boys:

  • Christian Riobo 5th 200 Fly

17 year old boys:

  • Carlos Riobo 7th 50 Free
  • Ross Bennett 4th 200 Free, 6th 100 Back, 8th 50 Free, 100 Fly

15 year old Open Water 3 KM

  • David Mallett 3rd

Murdoch almost wins second medal for Canada at World University Games

July 06, 2009
The Canadian Press, 2009

BELGRADE, Serbia - Katy Murdoch narrowly missed winning a second medal for Canada at the World University Games, finishing fourth in the women's 200-metre backstroke Monday.

One day after capturing bronze as part of the Canadian women's 4x100-metre freestyle relay, Murdoch finished 11-hundredths of a second behind the third-place finisher in the 200 backstroke. (more)

Senior levels of government step forward with $1M each to help repair Laurier pool

June 30, 2009
Liz Monteiro
Mercury News Services

More than a year ago, the fate of the pool at Wilfrid Laurier University was bleak.

The 50-metre pool was slated to close because the university didn't have the money to repair the ventilation system.

"It was a tough decision to close the pool. The facility was borderline unsafe … it wasn't high on our priority list,'' Laurier president Max Blouw told a group of supporters at Laurier yesterday who came to cheer as the federal and provincial governments announced $2 million in contributions for pool repairs. (more)


Governments boost Laurier pool

One year after crisis, Ottawa and Ontario each contribute $1M


Laurier pool repairs get $2-million boost

June 29, 2009
By Liz Monteiro
Record staff
Web edition

WATERLOO - Wilfrid Laurier University pool received a $2-million boost from the federal and provincial governments this morning.

Kitchener-Waterloo MP Peter Braid and Kitchener Centre MPP and Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities John Milloy each announced they were giving $1 million for pool repairs.

The money announced this morning at the athletic complex at the WLU is an addition to the $2.2 million already collected for the pool. (more)

Pool receives additional $2 million from governments

June 29, 2009
Lauren Millet
Cord Weekly

The donations will allow more extensive renovations to be conducted, keeping the pool open for 15-20 years

On June 29, just after 9 a.m., the federal and provincial governments announced that they will each be committing $1 million toward the renovations of the Laurier swimming pool.

The funding, announced by Kitchener-Waterloo MP Peter Braid and Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities John Milloy, will allow the pool to remain open for another 15-20 years.

"The community rallied together to find a solution to keep this important recreational facility open," said Braid. "Students along with community groups demonstrated how important this [facility] is to the community." (more)


June 16, 2009

Provincials Moved to London, Ontario
SUBJECT: Host Location change for 2009 Jr Provincials LC to London, Ontario
ATTENTION: Swim Ontario membership

As has been reported in the media and the City of Toronto, strike action by city of Toronto employees appears increasingly imminent. This has positioned the Swim Ontario 2009 JR Provincials LC as a "Vulnerable Event"- if hosted at the Etobicoke Olympium. This information has come directly from the Head of Aquatics for the City of Toronto. At this time there is no guarantee that our current host can seamlessly deliver our Championship event. In addition, efforts to deliver the event in the GTA would not allow for a seamless delivery maintaining the integrity and format of the desired championship environment.

With the cooperation and support of the London Aquatic Club, City of London, and Etobicoke Swimming, we have secured the London Aquatic Club as hosts of the 2009 Jr. Provincials LC at the Canada Games Pool on the same dates and times. The championships will maintain all advertised meet formats, rules and delivery including the procedures for entry. Swim Ontario and Etobicoke swimming are disappointed that the later are not able to host; however they have been extremely cooperative in arriving at this contingency plan. ESWIM's meet management will maintain their lead role as meet management to assist LAC with the leadership and management of the competition.

Due to the timing and urgency of this decision, Swim Ontario is strongly encouraging all participating clubs to provide officials (both senior officials and timers) for the event, in particular for Thursday and Friday. Our host is very hopeful that the membership can assist.

Swim Ontario understands that this late announcement and change of venue are disruptive to our clubs, swimmers and their families. However we are confident that this announcement provides all of our members the ability to make effective alternate travel arrangements. For those seeking accommodations, the University of Western Ontario Residence and Conference Services have supplied the following opportunity. Download UWO accommodation info here.

Swim Ontario is very grateful to ESWIM and LAC and the City of London for their cooperative efforts to deliver the 2009 Provincial Championships LC as seamlessly as possible.


John Vadeika
Swim Ontario

Swim club's most famous sons inducted into hall of fame tonight

West, Davis won five medals at L.A. Olympics; Barry was coach

June 11, 2009
Christine Rivet


From Olympic medallist to swim parent, Mike West's career has gone the distance.

West, now 44, recently watched from the gallery as his kids splashed about in the same pool that launched his career.

"It makes my heart swell when I see my kids cheering for their teammates," said the former Region of Waterloo Swim Club superstar, now a medical doctor in Dundas, Ont. "I took it for granted when I swam, but now I see the impact that swimming for a team can have on you."

Along with potential life-saving skills, and the even the ability to save others, the sport also provided West with a blueprint for a lifetime of achievement based on values like teamwork and diligence.

So West said he is delighted to return to his hometown for a crowning achievement tonight when he is enshrined in ROW's new hall of fame. (more)

ROW swim club inducts '84 Olympians into Hall of Fame

June 10, 2009
By Bob Vrbanac, Chronicle Staff

It's been a quarter century since Canada had its best showing in the pool at the 1984 Summer Olympics. Three men who where instrumental in that success are now among the first inductees into the Region of Waterloo Swim Club's Hall of Fame.

ROW is holding its Gala of the Stars event tomorrow night at Revolution night club. It will feature the inaugural Hall of Fame induction of 1984 Olympians coach Clifford Barry, gold medalist Victor Davis and Mike West who won silver and bronze at the Summer Games.

This is the first time ROW has enshrined any of its past swimmers in the club's 32 year history of international swimming, which has consistently produced Olympic-calibre swimmers. That tradition started in Los Angeles, when Davis won a gold medal and broke the world record in the 200-metre breaststroke. He also [earned] silver medals in the 100 meter breaststroke and 4 by 100 medley relay. (more)

Winner of the Mother's Day Quilt Draw Announced

June 10, 2009

The draw for the Mother's Day quilt was held Tuesday evening at the ROW Awards Night celebration. The winner of the quilt was Victoria Rawn. Proceeds from the quilt raffle will be shared with Marillac Place, a local organization that provides chances for brighter futures to mother-led families.

ROW swims big at Western Region Championships

June 10, 2009

Competing at the Western Region Championships June 5-7 at Brock University, 52 ROW swimmers showed they came to race, winning Gold in 27 races and Silver and Bronze medals in 41 additional individual events. Relays were an additional strong point for the Region of Waterloo Swim Club, with the team showing its strength in numbers by winning and medalling in 3 and 5 races respectively. The three day competition had over 300 swimmers from 25 teams across the Western Region.

In addition to the great number of medals and ribbons won, many swimmers were able to capitalize on the occasion to qualify for the next level - the Ontario Provincial Championships. Congratulations for qualifying in the following events: Robbie Gray (200-400 Free), Andrew Koo (50 Free), Alexander Elliot (100 Fly), Katia Myers (100 Back), Jenny Zhang (200 Back), John Fauteux (50 Free), Jonathon Vanderveen (100 Free), and Jasmine Raines (100-200 Breast).

Coming up in July are the Ontario Provincial Championships (Etobicoke) and then the Canadian Age Group Championships (Montreal).


9 Year Old Girls

Kirsten Gerger: 2nd 100 Back

10 Year Old Girls

Hannah McKay: 1st 100 Back
Lauren Shearer: 2nd 100 Breast
200 Medley Relay 3rd (Gerger, Shearer, McKay, Claire Neaven)

11 Year Old Girls

Haley Lintner: 3rd 800 Free
Mckayla Meyer: 1st 400 Free, 2nd100-200 Breast, 3rd 200 Free
Katia Myers: 1st 100 Back,2nd200 Back
Jasmine Raines: 1st 100-200 Breast

12 Year Old Girls

Cassandra Holtby: 1st 100 Free, 2nd 50-200 Free, 3rd 200 Fly
Jenny Zhang: 1st 200 Back, 2nd 400-800 Free, 3rd 100 Back
200 Medley Relay 2nd (Zhang, Raines, Holtby, Meyer)
200 Free Relay 3rd (Holtby, Zhang, Myers, Meyer)

13 Year Old Girls

Laura Bartlett: 1st 100 back, 2nd200 back
Emily Schueler: 2nd 200-800-1500 Free

14 Year Old Girls

Frances Heather: 1st 100 Back, 100-200 Free, 2nd 50 Free
200 Freestyle Relay 1st (Heather, Schueler, Bartlett, Livingston)
200 Medley Relay 1st (Bartlett, Livingston, Heather, Schueler)

15 Year Old Girls

Victoria Waind: 2nd 400 IM

11 year Old Boys

Marcel Heather: 1st 100 Fly, 3rd 200 Fly
Aidan Jones: 1st 100 Breast
Andrew Koo: 1st 50-100 Free, 200 IM, 200 Breast
Matthew McCuaig: 3rd 400 Free

12 year Old Boys

Alexander Elliot: 1st 100 Fly, 2nd 200 Fly
John Fauteux: 2nd 50 Free, 2nd 100-200 Breast, 3rd 100 Free
Nicholas Pflug: 2nd800 Free, 3rd 400 Free, 400 IM
Jonathon Vanderveen: 1st 100 Free, 2nd 100 back, 200-400 Free, 3rd 50 Free
200 Medley Relay 2nd (Vanderveen, Fauteux, Koo, Elliot)
200 Free Relay 1st (Vanderveen, Fauteux, Elliot, Pflug)

14 Year Old Boys

Robbie Gray: 1st 200-400 Free, 200 IM
Kostadin Kolev: 1st 200 Back, 2nd 1500 Free, 3rd 100 Back, 100 Free

15 Year Old Boys

Rene Gibson 3rd 50 Free
David Mallett: 1st 200 Breast, 3rd 800 Free, 100 Back

16 & Over Boys

Cameron McKnight: 1st 200 Free
200 Medley Relay 3rd (Kolev, Gibson, McKnight, Gray)

ROW salutes stars

June 03, 2009
Compiled by Record staff

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club will honour three of its most famous graduates.

Former Olympic medallists Mike West and the late Victor Davis, along with coach Clifford Barry, will be enshrined in the club's new hall of fame.

West and Davis claimed five medals at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, while Barry, who coached Davis throughout his career, attended the Games as an assistant coach for Canada. (more)

Area swimmers to be honoured

June 03, 2009
Mercury Staff and News Services

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club will honour three of its most famous graduates. Former Olympic medallists Mike West and the late Victor Davis, a Guelph native and former member of the Guelph Marlins swim club, along with coach Clifford Barry, will be enshrined in the club's new hall of fame. West and Davis claimed five medals at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, while Barry, who coached Davis throughout his career, attended the Games as an assistant coach for Canada. The event, ROW's Gala of the Stars, will be held at The Revolution on Marsland Drive in Waterloo on June 11 at 6 p.m.

Swim Ontario 2009-2010 Post Secondary Training Bursary

May 26, 2009

The winners of the Swim Ontario 2009-2010 Post Secondary Training Bursary have been announced. The following individuals have been awarded $5000.


Kaleigh Heard, TSC, will attend the University of Western Ontario.
Carly Martin*, ROW, will attend Wilfrid Laurier University.
Bronwyn Kemp*, ROW, will attend the University of Waterloo.
(*FINA Point Score Tie.)


Frank Despond, HAC, will attend McMaster University.
Andrew Townsend, TSC, will attend the University of Toronto.

Congratulations to ROW's Carly Martin and Bronwyn Kemp for this remarkable achievement.

ROW in the TOP 25 Canadian Rankings

May 20, 2009

Congratulations to the following swimmers making TOP 25 Canadian Rankings for the 2009 Short Course season. Listed are the best placing of each swimmer although they may have other events in the TOP 25.

Keith Beavers 18 & over 200 back #2
Bronwyn Kemp 17 200 breast #4
Carly Martin 17 200 fly #8
Graeme Kemp 15 400 IM #8
Jonathan Vanderveen 11 100 free #8
Jasmine Raines 10 50 breast #9
Whitney Rich 18 & over 100 breast #10
Andrew Koo 11 200 breast #10
Luke Summerhayes 16 200 IM #10
Margot Cunningham 15 200 back #11
Monique Begy 15 200 back #12
Jenny Zhang 11 200 back #15
Michaela Sceli 18 & over 200 breast #17
Ross Bennett 16 50 back #18
Dean Bennett 14 200 back #21
Allan Sundby 17 50 free #25


All rankings based on the SNC Power Rankings. Each swimmer will receive a "ROW Top 25" cap.

Good luck to all swimmers for the Long Course season.

Laurier's pool to be rennovated

Justin Fauteux
May 19, 2009

The latest development in the Laurier Pool's renovation project brings more good news for the initiative's supporters. (more)

ROW May Invitational Results

May 06, 2009

Twenty-one swimmers from Bermuda add an international flavour to the Region of Waterloo Swim Club's Annual May Invitational sponsored by Mortgage Intelligence.

Two hundred and thirty swimmers competed in the annual event at Wilfrid Laurier University pool. A great start to the long course (50m pool length) season.

ROW added to their list of qualifiers for the upcoming Regional and Provincial championships.

Provincial qualifiers: Robbie Gray 14, Kurtis Gray 11, Hanna McKay 10, Cassandra Holtby 12.

Regional qualifiers: Lucy Zuo 9.

Several swimmers went home with more than medals. Mortgage Intelligence sponsored the senior events with cash awards - ROW's Margot Cunningham came away with $300.

ROW swimmers dominated the meet with 100 of the Team's roster picking up medals. Swimmers with five or more wins: Laura Bartlett; Monique Begy; Dean Bennett; Ross Bennett; Margot Cunningham; Rene Gibson; Kurtis Gray; Frances Heather; Cassandra Holtby; Kostadin Kolev; Sarah Marie Livingston; David Mallett; Mckayla Meyer; Jonathan Vanderveen.

Next home meet, and the last one before the major renovation at WLU takes place, will be May 23-24. The ROW swimmers will head outdoors for their training at the Harry Class pool for the upcoming championship meets.

Victor Davis, Mike West & Clifford Barry to be inducted into ROW Hall of Fame

May 06, 2009

Waterloo, ON - The Region of Waterloo (ROW) Swim Club is inducting former ROW swimmers and participants of the 1984 Olympic Games into their new Hall of Fame at a special event in June. Olympic Swimmers Victor Davis and Mike West and Olympic Swim Coach Clifford Barry will be honored on Thursday, June 11th 2009.


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and the ROW Swim Club had a successful and historic moment winning 5 medals at these games. Victor Davis won a gold medal and broke the World Record in the 200m breaststroke; he also won silvers medals in the 100m breaststroke and 4x100m medley relay. Mike West won a silver medal in the 4x100m medley relay and a bronze medal in the 100m backstroke. Former ROW swim coach Clifford Barry attended the Olympic Games in 1984 as the Assistant Coach. He coached Victor Davis throughout his career and was instrumental in his world record performance and gold medal in the 200m breaststroke at the 1984 Olympic Games.

This induction is a first for the ROW Swim Club with a 32 year history of International swimming; Davis, West and Barry will be the first inductees into this Hall of Fame. This evening will also serve as a fundraising event for the future stars of the swim club. Last year, the club hosted a very successful "Beijing Bound Fundraiser" which raised $20,000 for High Performance Swimming Development. This year's event will add to this fund which has supported 40 plus swimmers this season in the club.

Olympian Keith Beavers to be inducted into Orangeville Sports Hall of Fame

May 06, 2009

Orangeville, ON - Two-time Olympian Keith Beavers is being inducted into Orangeville's prestigious Sports Hall of Fame in a special ceremony on May 21st 2009.


Keith started his swimming career at the age of six with the Orangeville Otters, and then swam 11 years with the Dorado Stars before joining the Region of Waterloo Swim Club where he has been training for the past 8 years under Coach Dean Boles.

Beavers represented Canada at two consecutive Olympic Games; 2004 in Athens, Greece and 2008 in Beijing, China. In Beijing, Keith was on top of his swimming career, bettering the Canadian records in the 200m individual medley and 200m backstroke, placing 7th and 12 respectively.

Keith is currently finishing his Masters degree in cardiovascular physiology at the University of Waterloo with plans to apply to medical school in the fall.

Determined ROW swimmers qualify for more championships

April 21, 2009

At the Division I Team Championships this past weekend in Etobicoke, Region of Waterloo Swim Club members continued their climb to the top with five more swimmers qualifying for Ontario Provincial Championships.

Team Championships is a unique meet formula whereby teams are assigned to one of three divisions based on team strength - each year some teams move up to Division I, while the weaker teams move down a level. ROW swimmers battled hard all through the meet, and had their best night on the final session of the meet, winning 5 medals including a 2-3 finish in the 200 IM from Luke Summerhayes and Graeme Kemp.

Fifteen year old David Mallett qualified for Provincial Championships in three events (400 IM, 400 & 1500 Free) and also took another step in qualifying for Age Group Nationals in the 1500m Free. Marcel Heather made his first Provincial time in 100 Fly, as did Andrew Koo and Cassandra Holtby. Leonard Zhang stepped up and sprinted his way to a Provincial time in 50 Free. Congratulations also to the following athletes for having every race a personal best: Kirsten Gerger, Claire Neaven, Lauren Shearer, Andrew Koo, Nick Pflug, Dean Bennett, and David Mallett.


10/Under Girls

Lauren Shearer 8th 50 Breast

10/Under Boys

Marcel Heather 5th 100 Fly

11-12 Girls

Cassandra Holtby 6th 100 Free
Jenny Zhang 8th 200 Free, 200 Back
200 Medley Relay 8th (Zhang, Holtby, Jasmine Raines, Mckayla Meyer)

11-12 Boys

Andrew Koo 4th 200 Breast, 7th 100 Breast
Leonard Zhang 5th 50 Free, 6th 100 Free
John Fauteux 6th 100 Breast, 200 Breast
200 Free Relay 4th (Zhang, Jon Vanderveen, John Fauteux, Bradley Shushack)
200 Medley Relay 6th (Vanderveen, Fauteux, Koo, Zhang)

13-14 Boys

Dean Bennett 3rd 200 Back, 5th 100 Back, 5th 200 IM, 7th 400 Free, 7th 400 IM
Jimmie Radyk 5th 100 Fly, 6th 100 Breast
200 Free Relay 7th (Bennett, Radyk, Kostadin Kolev, Zhang)
200 Medley Relay 7th (Bennett, Radyk, Kolev, Zhang)

15-16 Boys

Graeme Kemp 3rd 200 Back, 3rd 200 IM, 5th 400 M, 7th 100 Back, 7th 1500 Free
Luke Summerhayes 2nd 200 IM, 3rd 400 IM, 5th 400 Free, 5th 1500 Free, 5th 200 Breast

15-16 Girls

Margot Cunningham 5th 200 IM, 5th 800 Fee 6th 200 Back, 6th 400 IM
Monique Begy 5th 50 Free, 7th 200 Back, 8th 400 Free

17/Over Girls

Bronwyn Kemp 3rd 200 Breast, 6th 100 Breast 6th 400 IM
Carly Martin 5th 200 Fly, 6th 400 Free, 7th 100 Fly, 8th 200 Back
Whitney Rich 4th 100 Breast, 5th 100 Back, 5th 200 Breast, 5th 200 IM, 8th 100 Fly
200 Free Relay 7th (Begy, Vicki Rawn, Rich, Alana Corrigan)
200 Medley Relay 8th (Cunningham, Rich, Martin, Begy)

17/Over Boys

Ian Kendall 6th 100 Breast, 6th 200 Breast
200 Medley Relay 7th (Kemp, Summerhayes, Ross Bennett, Carlos Riobo)

Hawks' Athletes Honoured

April 7, 2009
Justin Fauteux
The Cord Weekly

Swimmer David Hughes took home the Bill Haggstrom Trophy for the male who contributed most to athletics. Hughes was not only an outstanding member of the swim team, but also a driving force in saving Laurier's pool. (more)

Pool repairs slated for June

April 1, 2009
Linda Givetash
The Cord Weekly

The $2.2 million project set to be completed in September will keep the pool open for five years
Contracts outlining the conditions of the new pool improvement fee's transferral to the university will be finalized by the end of April, according to the Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union (WLUSU). With additional donations from the City of Kitchener, the City of Waterloo and the community, the pool will be renovated over the course of the summer. (more)

ROW Swimmer Michaela Sceli heads to Montreal to train in the National Swimming Training Centre

April 1, 2009

Twenty-three year old Michaela Sceli will join the training squad in Montreal under National coach Benoit LeBrun. Sceli who returned to ROW in September of 2008 after graduating from Marshall University will continue her swimming with 2008 Olympians Mathieu Bois, Victoria Poon and Geneviève Saumur and several other national team members.

"I'm really excited to train at the Centre. It's such a great opportunity for me to work towards the next level and to train with the best in the country", said Sceli this week as she winds down her training at ROW. Michaela had a solid short course season winning two silver medals at the Eastern Canadians in February as well as swimming personal best times at Spring Nationals. Michaela also coaches the Bronze Group.

"It's a great honour to be accepted to the Centre, and this is the opportunity of a lifetime. This year has been so much fun, Dean has really helped me see that I have the potential to become a great swimmer, and I will miss the Senior 1 group so much. They are such a great group of kids and have made me feel like I'm part of the team", reflected Sceli.

"This a great opportunity for Michaela to be in the Canadian High Performance system, she will be surrounded and supported by outstanding athletes and staff in Montreal", said Dean Boles who knows the Canadian Centre system well, as ROW hosted the national training centre for Ontario from 1999-2005. "I know this is what Michaela needs to make that leap to be the very best she can be. I hope she will be able to access and train in Vancouver with Annamay Pierse (the new World Record holder in 200 breast) under coach Jozsef Nagy on occasion", said Boles.

"Thanks to everyone here at ROW for bringing me into your TEAM and making me feel at home. I will miss you all", said Sceli.

"Michaela was a great asset in the program with her experience and maturity. We wish her well", Boles said.

[A little side note: Michaela did not start swimming until she was in high school. She has demonstrated that hard work, commitment and focus can get you to levels only dreamed of.]

Keith Beavers will be heading West to Vancouver for the summer to train in the Vancouver National Swimming Training Centre preparing for the World Student Games. Keith starts training with Olympian Brian Johns in mid May.

All the best to Michaela and Keith.

No Parking During WLU Convocation June 3-5

March 26, 2009

The parking lots will be closed at Wilfrid Laurier University from Wednesday, June 3 to Friday, June 5. If we are still using the WLU pool during these dates, we will have to find parking elsewhere.

2009 Canada Games Team Members Announced

March 23, 2009

ROW's Zach Summerhayes selected to Team Ontario for the Canada Summer Games

ROW's Dean Boles to be Ontario's Head Coach at the Summer Games

This year's Spring Nationals were very successful, especially for one of ROW's own. Zach Summerhayes has been selected to Team Ontario to compete at the Canada Summer Games to be held in P.E.I. later this summer. Heading the Ontario Team is ROW's head coach Dean Boles. The following swimmers, based on the results of Spring Nationals, have been nominated to the 2009 Canada Games Ontario Team.

12 Women:

50 - 100 Free: Michelle Williams, NYAC
50 - 100 Back: Danielle Carty, HAC
50 - 100 Breast: Tera Van Beilen, OAK
50 - 100 Breast: Rebecca Terejko, WRMS
50 - 100 Butterfly: Paige Miller, COBRA
200 Free & 200 Back: Sinead Russell, DS
200 Breast: Julie Calvert, OAK
200 Butterfly: Rebecca Hinds, TSC
200 IM: Kaleigh Heard, TSC
400 Free: Jacqueline Keire, ESWIM
400 IM: Marni Oldershaw, OAK
800 - 1500 Free: Bridget Coley, HAC

12 Men:

50 - 100 Free, 200 Free, 400 Free, 800 - 1500 Free: Hassaan Abdel-Khalik, ESWIM
50 - 100 Back: Nick Karpov, TSC
50 - 100 Breast: Trevor Nicholas, COBRA
50 - 100 Butterfly: Mike Smerek, BROCK/UT
50 - 100 Butterfly: Will Wright, ESWIM
200 Back: Graham Hawes, SCAR
200 Breast: Matthew Stephenson, BRANT
200 Butterfly: Curtis Samuel, OAK/UT
200 IM: Mack Darragh, OAK
400 Free, 800 - 1500 Free: Aimeson King, ESWIM
400 IM: Matt Kwatyra, LAC
400 IM: Zach Summerhayes, ROW

Congratulations to both Zach and Dean for this achievement.

2009 Short Course Junior Provincial Championships

March 03, 2009

Nine hundred and forty swimmers from 68 swim club from across Ontario embarked on the Nepean Swimplex this past weekend for the 2009 Short Course Ontario Jr. Provincial Championships. The Region of Waterloo Swim Club sent a strong contingent of 18 swimmers placing 17th overall. Margot Cunningham and Monique Begy qualified for the Senior Nationals to be held mid March in Toronto. Luke Summerhayes, Ross Bennett and Jonathan Vanderveen added to ROW's medal count during the weekend.

Following Results:

Luke Summerhayes 16 Silver 400 IM, 200 IM, Bronze 200 back, 200 breast
Ross Bennett 17 Bronze 200 free, 7th 100 back
Margot Cunningham 15 Bronze 200 IM, 4th 200 back,5th 400 IM
Jonathan Vanderveen, 11 Bronze 100 free, 6th 50 free, 8th 200 free
Monique Begy 15, 5th 200 back, 5th 100 back
Dean Bennett 15, 5th 200 back
Graeme Kemp 15, 4th 400 IM, 6th 200 breast, 7th 200 IM
Jessie Little 15 6th 400 IM, 4th 200 IM
Alan Sundby 17 5th 50 free
Carlos Riobo 17 8th 50 free
Jenny Zhang 11 4th 200 back, 6th 100 back
Jasmine Raines 10 4th 50 breast, 5th 100 breast
Leanne Weise 15 6th 200 breast
The 16-17 Boys 4x100 Free Relay surprized the field with a Bronze medal performance (Sundby, Riobo, Bennett and Summerhayes)

Senior National Championships March 11-14 in Toronto

ROW will send 8 swimmers. The team is lead by 2008 Olympic Team member Keith Beavers and most recently added to represent Canada at the World Student Games team later in July. Other ROW swimmers vying for a spot to represent Ontario at the Canada Summer Games are Zach Summerhayes, Michaela Sceli, Bronwyn Kemp, Whitney Rich, Carly Martin, Monique Begy and Margot Cunningham.

$12.7 million in township projects will go ahead this year

February 17, 2009
Brent Davis, Record staff
Web edition
BADEN - Three local townships will break ground this year on infrastructure projects worth more than $12 million thanks to joint government funding announced Tuesday. (more)

2009 Eastern Canadian Championships

February 17, 2009[[/size]]

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club sent eight swimmers to the Eastern Canadian Championships, held in Halifax this past weekend. The national competition attracted 420 swimmers to the four day event. Twenty-three-year-old Michaela Sceli won silver in the 50 and 100 breast stroke events. Sceli performed personal best times in the events. Sceli has been training at ROW since graduating from Marshall University, West Virginia, last spring. The ROW contingent rallied for a strong 15th place at the meet with performances from Carly Martin and Margot Cunningham in the finals as well as the 4x100 medley relay placed 5th.

ROW Placing:

Michaela Sceli silver 50 breast, 100 breast
Carly Martin 8th 200 fly, 11th 100 fly
Margot Cunningham 5th 200 Back, 7th 200 IM and 400 IM
Brooke Davidson 13th 100 fly
Leanne Weise, Alana Corrigan, Jessie Little and Aislinn Patterson March swam personal bests and contributed to the relay placings.

This weekend ROW swimmers representing their respective universities are in Vancouver competing at the CIS championships (the national university championships) February 20-22.
Wilfrid Laurier University - David Hughes and Whitney Rich
University of Waterloo - Keith Beavers
University of Toronto - Brittney Scott
University of Guelph - Laura Kendall

See also Eastern Canadian Championships results (ROW only).

Pooling our resources

February 11, 2009

Times may be tough and money growing scarce, but the city councils of both Kitchener and Waterloo have together come up with $500,000 to keep open Wilfrid Laurier University's Olympic-size swimming pool.

The facility, strictly speaking, is not the responsibility of either municipal government. But the pool is unique in this part of Ontario. It has played a major role in Canada's national swimming program and can continue to do so. And this more than justifies the decision by the two cities to provide significant funding to the pool for the next five years.

It's worth noting that full-time students at Laurier have come through with money too, voting last week to provide $10 each in every semester for the next five years to pay for pool repairs. Let's hope these efforts save this marvellous facility.

Kitchener matches Waterloo's pool donation

February 11, 2009

Following months of uncertainty, the Laurier pool's future is now secure in the short term; long-term plans to be developed in near future

This Monday at the City of Kitchener council meeting, a unanimous vote passed a motion stating that Kitchener will donate $250,000 in $50,000 installments over the next five years to community groups in support of their fundraising efforts to save the WLU pool. (more)

Western Region Championships

ROW's multiple medalists dominate, swimmers added to Provincial Champs squad

February 10, 2009

Last weekend, the London Aquatic Club hosted the Western Region Championships. ROW was there in force with over 50 swimmers competing in the three day meet. In addition to ROW and London, there were another 21 clubs competing. Region of Waterloo Swim Club members Mckayla Meyer (400-800 Free), Cameron McKnight (400 Free), Allan Sundby (50 Free) and Jimmie Radyk (200 Breast) all qualified for Ontario's Provincial Championships in Nepean in two weeks - Congratulations!

A total of 41 swimmers scored for ROW individually or through relays, a great team effort! The tradition of winning flows strong through the team - leading the way in the 'win' category were Dean Bennett with 4 Gold, Brittany McIntyre and Christian Riobo each with 3 Gold, Andrew Koo with 2 Gold, with single wins by Hannah Mackay, Jasmine Raines, Jenny Zhang, Mckayla Meyer, Jonathan Vanderveen, and David Mallett.

ROW`s Championship season is just getting started with Ontario`s Provincial Champs February 26 - March 1st, and then Canada`s National Championships March 11-14.

Top 8 Performances

10/Under Girls

Hannah McKay: 1st 200 Back, 4th 100 Back, 5th 200 IM, 8th 100 Breast
Jasmine Raines: 1st 200 Breast, 2nd 200 IM, 3rd 100 Back, 4th 100 Fly, 5th 50-100 Free
Haley Lintner: 2nd 400 Free, 6th 100 Free, 7th 50 Fr, 200 IM, 100 Fly, 100 Back
Kirsten Gerger: 5th 50 Breast, 7th 50 Back, 100 Fly, 8th 200 Free
Janessa Swanson: 6th 200 Back
Lauren Shearer: 7th 200 Breast
Isabel Spears: 7th 100 Breast
200 Free Relay 2nd (Raines, McKay, Swanson, Lintner)
200 Medley Relay 2nd (Raines, McKay, Swanson, Lintner)

11 year old Girls

Jenny Zhang: 1st 200 IM, 2nd 100-200 Free, 200 Breast, 3rd 400 Free, 5th 100 Breast
Mckayla Meyer: 1st 800 Free, 4th 400 Free, 200 IM, 7th 200 Free, 200 Breast, 8th 100 Free
Katia Myers: 6th 100 Fly, 7th 200 Back

12 year old Girls

Cassandra Holtby: 6th 50-100 Free, 8th 800 Free
200 Free Relay 7th (Holtby, Myers, Meyers, Zhang)
200 Medley Relay 7th (Holtby, Myers, Meyers, Zhang)

13 year old Girls

Emily Schueler: 3rd 200 Breast, 800 Free, 5th 400 IM, 6th 200-400 Free
Laura Bartlett: 4th 200 Back, 8th 800 Free

14 year old Girls

Frances Heather: 2nd 200 Fly, 3rd 50-800 Fr, 200 Back, 4th 100 Free, 5th 400 Free, 6th 200 Free
Sarah Livingston: 2nd 200 Breast, 4th 100 Breast, 7th 800 Free
Victoria Waind: 5th 200 IM, 6th 200 Breast, 7th 400 IM, 8th 800 Free
Frances Jones: 8th 200 Breast
200 Free Relay 3rd (Heather, Livingston, Waind, Schueler)
200 Medley Relay 2nd (Heather, Livingston, Waind, Schueler)

15/Over Girls

Brittany McIntyre: 1st 50, 200 400 Free, 3rd 100 Free
Monique Begy: 2nd 200 IM, 3rd 100 Fly
Paige Mohaupt: 2nd 1500 Free
Rachel Radyk: 6th 100 Breast
200 Free Relay 4th (McIntyre, Radyk, Mohaupt, V. Rawn)
200 Medley Relay 1st (Begy, B. Kemp, V. Rawn, McIntyre)

10/Under Boys

Marcel Heather: 3rd 100 Fly, 6th 50 Back, 100 Free, 7th 400 Free, 8th 200 Free
Aidan Jones: 5th 50 Fly, 7th 100 Breast, 8th 50 Back, 50 Breast

11 year old Boys

Andrew Koo: 1st 100 Fly, 200 Breast, 3rd 200 IM, 7th 50 Free
Nicholas Pflug: 2nd 50 Free, 200 M, 3rd 100-200 Free, 5th 100 Back, 6th 400 Free
Bradley Shushack: 4th 50 Free, 200 IM, 6th 100 Free, 7th 100 Breast, 100 back, 400 Free
Jonathan Vanderveen: 1st 100 Breast

12 year old Boys

Leonard Zhang: 2nd 800 Free, 3rd 50-100-200-400 Free, 6th 100 Back, 4th 400 IM
Alexander Elliot: 5th 100 Fly
John Fauteux: 6th 200 Breast, 7th 100 Breast
200 Free Relay 4th (Zhang, Pflug, Elliot, Fauteux)
200 Medley Relay 4th (Zhang, Koo, Vanderveen, Fauteux)

14 year old Boys

Dean Bennett: 1st 100 Fly, 100 Back, 100-800 Free, 2nd 200 Free, 3rd 400 Free, 4th 50 Free
Jimmie Radyk: 2nd 200 Breast, 200 IM, 4th 100 Breast, 6th 100 Fly, 8t 400 IM

15 year old Boys

Christian Riobo: 1st 100 Fly, 200-400 IM, 2nd 400 Free, 5th 100 Back, 7th 50 Free, 8th 100 Free
Rene Gibson: 2nd 100 Free, 3rd 50 Free, 200 IM, 4th 100 Fly, 5th 400 IM, 6th 400 Free
David Mallett: 1st 1500 Free, 3rd 400 IM

16/Over Boys

Cameron McKnight: 4th 200-400-1500 Free, 7th 100 Fly, 100 Free
Carlos Riobo: 4th 100 Back, 5th 100-200-400 Free, 6th 1500 Free, 100 Fly, 200 IM
200 Free Relay 3rd (Gibson, Riobo, McKnight, Riobo)
200 Medley Relay 6th (G. Kemp, Riobo, Riobo, Gibson)

See also WOSA Regional Championship results (ROW only).

Kitchener chips in for WLU pool

$250,000 donation follows Waterloo's lead

February 10, 2009
Terry Pender

City councillors will pump $250,000 into the swimming pool at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Councillors approved the financial aid yesterday, about two weeks after telling competitive swimmers and their parents that city coffers were bare and they could not afford to help.

Councillors voted to provide $50,000 a year for the next five years to save the Olympic-size pool. (more)

Laurier students back fee for pool

February 09, 2009
Record Staff
Web Edition

WATERLOO - Wilfrid Laurier University students last week voted in favour of giving $20 a year towards saving the school's competitive pool.

The count was released Sunday night. It showed 1,538 students supporting the fee, 828 opposed. In a referendum attached to student elections, undergraduate students were asked whether they would pay $10 per semester to fund a renovation of the pool. (more)

Referendum results announced

February 08, 2009
Morgan Alan
The Cord Weekly

"Pool Improvement Fee" of $10 per term goes forward

At approximately 8:50 p.m. Sunday, the results of the four Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union referendum questions were released.

Of the four questions proposed, all but one passed.

The proposal to introduce a "Pool Improvement Fee" of $10 per semester was successful, with 1539 votes in support and 828 opposed. (more)

Council votes to keep pool afloat

February 04, 2009
Greg Macdonald, Chronicle Staff

The City of Waterloo has pledged its support to help keep Wilfrid Laurier University's 50-metre pool open by contributing $250,000 to the school.

The money will be handed out in $50,000 installments over five years and will go towards repairing a ventilation system that threatened to close the region's only Olympic-sized pool. (more)

Laurier students will decide whether saving pool is worth $10 a semester

February 04, 2009
Liz Monteiro

In addition to choosing a new student union president, Wilfrid Laurier University students will be asked tomorrow if they want to dish out $20 a year to save the Laurier pool.

Student union president Colin Le Fevre says he's torn about the proposed fee increase of $10 a semester. (more)

City approves financial aid

February 04, 2009
Lauren Millet
Cord Weekly

During a city council meeting on Monday night, members voted in favour of supporting the pool

In a council meeting on Monday night, the City of Waterloo voted 6-2 in favour of supporting the fundraising efforts of community groups attempting to save the WLU pool.

The city approved a $250,000 gift over the next five years in $50,000 installments to the Region of Waterloo swim club (ROW) in order to help them raise money for the pool. (more)

City offers Laurier pool $250,000 over five years

February 03, 2009
Liz Monteiro

Councillors voted last night to give Wilfrid Laurier University $50,000 a year for five years to save its Olympic-size pool.

"This is a positive move for kids, seniors and everyone who uses the pool," Peter Baxter, director of athletics and recreation for the university, said after a committee meeting last night. (more)

Victoria Park Lake cleanup to cost millions

January 30, 2009
Greg Mercer

At an early stage in the planning to deal with toxic sludge in Victoria Park Lake, consultants briefly considered a very simple solution — fill in the lake.

But the image of Victoria Park without its lake didn't go over well with the public, and the idea was ditched. (more)

(Ed. Let's make sure the ducks and geese have a place to swim. The public has until February 5th to tell the city of Kitchener what they think.)

Region won't dive into fight to save WLU pool

January 28, 2009
Record staff
Web edition

WATERLOO REGION — Regional councillors are not going to dive into the fight to save the Olympic-size pool at Wilfrid Laurier University.
Yesterday, councillors decided that they didn't have money to deal with an issue that isn't their responsibility. Pools fall under the jurisdiction of local municipalities. (more)

Federal budget stimulates new sport and recreation building initiative

January 27, 2009
Ian Bird
Senior Leader, Sport Matters Group, Ottawa

With today's Federal Budget, Finance Minister Flaherty and Sport Minister Lunn have taken direct aim at the long standing infrastructure deficit in sport and recreation with a new $500 million fund, to be expended in the next 2 years, to renew and build facilities in our communities. "This is the right thing at the right time for Canada," declared Ian Bird, Senior Leader of the Sport Matters Group. "With such a long-standing need to address the sport and recreation infrastructure deficit, this program promises to strengthen our communities, encourage individual participation and sporting excellence, and stimulate economic development." (more)

Power players

Meet the top 25 movers and shakers of the Waterloo Region sports world; they make things happen — on the home front, across Canada and abroad

January 24, 2009
Josh Brown

There is no shortage of talented sports minds in Waterloo Region. Today, The Record recognizes the Top 25.

They're Waterloo Region's power players in sport. Athletes, coaches, managers, behind-the-scenes folks and movers and shakers. People who have influence and create positive change. People who make a difference because of who they are and what they've accomplished. (Find out who made #9 on the list.)

New ROWSwimming.ca site goes live after 5:00 PM

January 22, 2009

Starting some time after 5:00 pm today, the new ROW web site will be reachable from http://www.rowswimming.ca. As domain name servers around the world are updated, visitors to the .ca web site will be redirected to the new site. Please note that you can browse the entire site without "requesting access" or "logging in". Access (write-access) is only required if you would like to become a writer for the web site. Enjoy!

ROW's Tri-city success

January 20, 2009

Region of Waterloo Swim Club athletes competed in three different competitions last weekend in three different cities - the common factor being the success in all venues.

"Our goal was to have as many of our swimmers competing the same weekend as we could - to provide opportunities for everyone to compete" said ROW's Head Coach Dean Boles.

ROW's twelve year old and under swimmers competed in London at the 12 and Under Celebration Meet, an annual competition the London Aquatic Club puts on to focus on the younger up-and-coming swimmers. ROW's top 13 and older swimmers competed at Ontario Cup at University of Toronto while the next tier competed at the Etobicoke A/B Meet at the Etobicoke Olympium. In all, over 90 swimmers were racing at the three competitions.

At the Etobicoke A/B Meet, ROW's Frances Heather (14) stood out, qualifying for Ontario's Provincial Championship in both 100 Back and 100 Fly, medalling on both the 100 Back and 200 IM as well. The A/B Meet is unique in that it runs two meets as one - an 'A' qualifier meet and a 'B' qualifier meet at the same time. In the 'A' pool, Leanne Weise also medalled with two Bronzes (50 and 100 Breaststroke). For the 'A' boys, Rene Gibson won Silver in the 50 Free and Bronze in the 100 Free. Teammate Carlos Riobo also was third in the 17/Over 50 Free. In the 'B' end, Victoria Waind led the way with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and two Bronze medals. Laura Bartlett also won Gold and picked up a Bronze as well. Frances Jones earned a Bronze in the 100 Breaststroke. Overall, one-half of all swims placed in the top 8 of the meet!

'A' Meet Results

Emily Schueler (13): 7th 200 Back, 8th 400 Free
Erika Lade (13): 7th 50 Fly
Frances Heather (14): 2nd 100 Back, 3rd 200 IM, 4th 100 Fly, 200 Back, 7th 50 Free, 8th 100 Free
Sarah Livingston (14): 6th-50 Breast, 200 Breast
Leanne Wiese (15): 3rd 50 Breast, 100 Breast, 4th 200 Breast, 200 Free, 50 Fly, 6th 100 Free
Brittany McIntyre (18) 7th 100 Free, 8th 50 Breast
Dean Bennett (14): 8th 200 Free, 200 Back
Rene Gibson (14): 2nd 50 Free, 3rd 100 Free, 6th 200 Free
Christian Riobo (15): 8th 200 Fly
Carlos Riobo (17): 3rd 50 Free, 6th 200 Free, 7th 100 Free, 8th 100 Breast

'B' Meet Results

Laura Bartlett (13): 1st 100 Back, 3rd 200 Back, 5th 200 Free, 200 IM
Kayleigh Swanson (13): 4th 50 Fly, 5th 50 Back
Anastasiya Zanko (14): 5th 50 Fly, 8th 100 Back
Victoria Waind (14) 1st 200 Breast, 2nd 200 IM, 3rd 50 Free, 200 Free, 4th 100 Free, 100 Breast
Frances Jones (14) 3rd 100 Breast, 4th 100 back, 200 Breast, 200 IM, 7th 200 Free, 8th 50 Free
Jacqueline Knight (14) 5th 50 Breast
Sydney Johnston (14) 2nd 50 Fly, 5th 400 Free, 7th 100 Free, 8th 200 Back
Paige Mohaupt (15) 5th 200 Back, 6th 100 Back
Victoria Livingston (16) 5th 100 Breast

Region considers plea to help keep pool open

January 15, 2009
Record staff

Regional council has agreed to consider a request to help keep the Olympic-size pool open at Wilfrid Laurier University. After listening to the pleas of nine people, including members of the Region of Waterloo Swim Club, councillors agreed yesterday to refer the matter to a council committee. (more)

Waterloo not ready to commit to pool

January 14, 2009
Liz Monteiro

Waterloo's chief administrative officer says he wants to talk to City of Kitchener staff before council decides how much money to give to help keep the Wilfrid Laurier University pool open.

Councillors were presented with a staff report this week that suggested the city give Laurier $50,000 a year for five years. The money would come from an assessment growth reserve. (more)

In the swim of things

January 14, 2009

Dean Bennett of ROW competes in the 400-metre freestyle event at the Region of Waterloo Swim Club Winter Invitational Meet at the Waterloo Swimplex on Saturday. (photo)

City defers decision on possible funding for pool

January 14, 2009
By Greg MacDonald, Chronicle Staff

The City of Waterloo will decide next week whether or not to provide funding help to keep the region's only 50- metre swimming pool open.

On Monday, councillors considered giving $50,000 annually over the next five years to Wilfrid Laurier University to support the pool, but deferred the decision one week. (more)

Most Popular Stories

January 08, 2009
University of Waterloo Alumni Association

January's issue of University of Waterloo Alumni e-zine, @UWaterloo, features most popular stories of 2008, as determined by its members.
From August, 2008…

Tax priorities wrong

January 08, 2009
Sandy Wynn

I am fairly disgusted by the way taxpayers' money is being spent. We are told there is no extra money to keep the Wilfrid Laurier University pool open for those who need it, yet there is money to support the symphony. (more)

University pool may stay open

January 07, 2009
Lauren Millet

The Wilfrid Laurier pool, previously doomed to be closed, now appears to have the funding necessary for the short-term repairs

Laurier's pool, the topic of much scrutiny and the cause of stress for athletes and community groups alike this year, looks as though it may have found a way to remain open.

WLU originally announced in July that the pool was to close on August 31. (more)

Pool needs city support

January 05, 2009
Lina Raco

My 11-year-old son swims with the Region of Waterloo Swim Club at Wilfrid Laurier University pool — a 50-metre pool that is used by many aquatic clubs and schools in our community. I'm deeply saddened this pool may be closing soon. It's disappointing that the various levels of government have not committed to help. (more)

But not everyone gets it…

Not the city's problem

January 05, 2009
Peter Lavigne

Re: Wilfrid Laurier University pool
The City of Waterloo has no business investing my money in the Wilfrid Laurier University swimming pool. (more)

The good, the bad and the stupid

December 31, 2008
Andrew Coppolino

In any year-end reflection, there's a blend of good and bad, brilliant and stupid — and the virtually unbelievable at both ends of the scale.


It's probably the single most important local sports story, but I'm waterlogged trying to figure out what's up with area swimming pools.

Contrary to earlier reports, the University of Waterloo will not be building an Olympic-sized pool and training facility. With Wilfrid Laurier University's pool likely to close at some point, the region's swimmers desperately need such a facility. (more)

Plan is needed to save Laurier pool

December 27, 2008

Top-notch swimmers in Waterloo Region may regret the University of Waterloo's decision not to proceed with the construction of an aquatic centre, but they at least now know what they have to work with. (more)


December 27, 2008

Swimmer Keith Beavers was photographed in the Wilfrid Laurier University pool where he was training for the Olympics. It had always been Beavers' dream to swim in an Olympic final. This summer he saw that dream come true — but up against the best swimmers in the world he had to settle for seventh place in the last race of his Olympic career.

Governments must help save Laurier pool

December 26, 2008
Peter Pavlinich

Bravo to Wilfrid Laurier University for allowing the local community access to its swimming pool for so many years. But now that the university needs financial assistance to keep it open, the cupboards seem to be bare. (more)

Local swimmers among those trying to save WLU pool

December 24, 2008
Joni Miltenburg
Woolwich Observer

The fight is on to save the pool at Wilfrid Laurier University, and the Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW) is leading the charge. In a few short weeks, the club has rallied to raise more than $675,000, with a goal of $1 million. The club, along with other… (more)

WLU pool gets a temporary reprieve

December 24, 2008
Greg MacDonald
Chronicle Staff

Wilfrid Laurier University's 50-metre swimming pool was given a stay of execution last week in order to give time for the community to raise funds for repairs. (more)

Shame to lose pool

December 23, 2008
Maureen and Brian Bartlett
Re: Keep Up The Efforts To Save Laurier Pool — Dec. 17

We, too, are concerned that Wilfrid Laurier University has born the burden of costs for a pool that has been used by many outside groups for years. Other communities support their Olympic-sized pools financially, so why not our "smart community?" (more)

Battle to save pool isn't sunk yet

December 23, 2008
Tom McMillan
The fight to keep an Olympic-size pool open in Waterloo Region isn't done yet. (more)

'Very sad day' as UW pool plan collapses

December 22, 2008
April Robinson

Plans for an Olympic-size pool at the University of Waterloo have been quashed after a proposed donor fell through Friday.

It quashed a faint glimmer of hope for a local competitive swim club, which is using the ailing pool at WilfridLaurierUniversity, which could close any day. (more)

Laurier pool is too important to lose

December 22, 2008
Valentina Bojic Graf

Re: Wilfrid Laurier University pool
My 12-year-old daughter has just started swimming for the Region of Waterloo swim club. She had never been exposed to the university atmosphere when we first arrived at the pool on the Wilfrid Laurier University campus. (more)

ROW swimmers excel in Oregon

December 20, 2008

Four Region of Waterloo Swim Club athletes posted good showings at the highly rated Bergen Junior International Championships in Oregon. A total of 300 swimmers from Canada, the U.S. and Europe took part in the competition. (more)

A Message From Dean Boles

December 18, 2008

Seasons Greetings ROW Members

As you may be aware from reading the newspaper or the WLU website, the WLU pool will remain open past the December 31st deadline on a "day to day basis".

What does this mean?-It is essentially what we were doing for the past 9 months. The main factor is the Ventilation system and how long will it continue operating. As you can see the ROW Swim Club (your club) and its members have done an outstanding job at raising funds, raising awareness in the community and across the country. WLU has taken notice and has allowed more time for the real talking and real action to take place to find a solution to this situation.

Therefore the ROW Swimming program and schedule will continue as it is into the New Year. The Board and I are working diligently to have a suitable back up plan to keep our program operating in the event the pool closes.

We must continue to drive this project, seek out assistance, seek out more funds and achieve a secure home to swim in! We need all of you to stay the course on this too. (Please contact Tracy Bennett - president@rowswimming.ca for more information or Christine Tutssel for pledges ctutssel@rogers.com.)

The ROW Board will be meeting Monday night to discuss the next steps and we will continue to keep you informed.

To date we have had some outstanding performances in the pool, hosted incredible events in and out of the pool and we have a new Board of Directors for the 2008-2009 Swim Season. Congratulations to Tracy Bennett President, Jane Begy Past President, Vice President Jack Schueler, Vice President Cathy Ferguson, Angie Martin Treasurer, Joanne Stewart Secretary, Directors: Mary Radyk, Caroline Willcox, Christine Tutssel.

For now—- Everyone enjoy the Holidays!!

Facility gets 'day-to-day' reprieve

Laurier will keep pool open

Liz Monteiro
December 18, 2008

Wilfrid Laurier University says it will extend a Dec. 31 deadline and keep its pool open on a day-to-day basis. (more)

All in

Swimmers make last-ditch effort to save pool

December 17, 2008
Greg MacDonald
Chronicle Staff
With the closure of the Wilfrid Laurier University swimming pool looming, Waterloo city council has agreed to study the possibility of partnering with the school and local swim clubs to fund repairs to the ailing facility. (more)

Get in the pool

December 17, 2008
Chronicle Editorial

The crisis with the Olympic-sized pool at Wilfrid Laurier University couldn't have come at a worse time with local councils crying poor.
There's a certain amount of belt-tightening expected with the gloomy economic forecast, but this also isn't the time to forgo our civic responsibilities as well. (more)

Laurier to keep 50-metre pool open on day-to-day basis to allow more time to raise repair funds

WLU Public Affairs
December 17, 2008 | For Immediate Release

WATERLOO - In light of substantial fund-raising efforts by the swimming communities in Kitchener-Waterloo and the apparent interest of municipal councils in offering support, Wilfrid Laurier University will keep its 50-metre swimming pool open on a day-to-day basis as long as it remains safe. (more)

Keep up the efforts to save Laurier pool

December 17, 2008

The race appears to be almost over, and the pool at Wilfrid Laurier University is on the verge of becoming the loser. What a shame this would be.
The aging pool needs expensive repairs but Laurier, understandably, doesn't have the money to pay for them. Laurier's prime purpose is to give its students a good education. From that perspective, repairing and maintaining a 50-metre pool is not at the top of its priority list. Unless it changes its decision, the university will close the pool at the end of the year. (more)

Winner bemoans loss of WLU pool

Josh Brown
December 17, 2008

Bronwyn Kemp had mixed emotions.

It was a big day for the Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate student. She won a trio of races for the Raiders and was named the top female individual swimmer at yesterday's WaterlooCounty high school championships at the WilfridLaurierUniversity pool. (more)

City will look for cash to save pool

December 16, 2008
Liz Monteiro

Waterloo councillors have asked staff to look at the budget and see if any money can be found to help keep the Wilfrid Laurier University Olympic-size pool open. (more)

Swimmers will ask Waterloo council to help save pool

December 13, 2008

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club, high school swim coaches and swimmers will ask City of Waterloo politicians for money on Monday night. (more)

Swim coach won't jump ship

Christine Rivet
December 12, 2008

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club may lose its home but will keep its head coach for now. (more)

Swim club campaigns to save pool

December 06, 2008

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club has launched a community-wide campaign to raise money to keep Wilfrid Laurier University's Olympic-size pool open. (more)

Kitchener asked to help save pool

'Our cupboards are bare, too,' Mayor Zehr says

December 02, 2008
Terry Pender

Before city councillors even started talking about the 2009 operating budget yesterday they faced a packed gallery of swimmers and their parents, calling on the city to help keep the pool open at Wilfrid Laurier University. (more)

ROW Training shows in results at Gord Bassett Invitational

Halton Hills
Dec 2, 2008

Region of Waterloo Swim Club members made the trek to scenic Georgetown on November 28-30 to compete in the Gord Bassett Invitational put on by the Halton Hills Blue Fins.

ROW's group of 33 swimmers were a strong presence right from the start of the meet, sweeping races and posting large improvements in their performances. Finishing the meet with 100% Best times are: Kirsten Gerger, Lauren Shearer, Janessa Swanson, Sydney Potts, Alyxandra Redlich-Stowe, Arianne Zamin, Meagan Weiderman, Anastasiya Zanko, Ryan Mackenzie, Marcel Heather, Aidan Jones, Matthew McQuaig, and Adam Mackenzie. In the 10/Under age groups Hannah Mackay and led the girls with 1 Gold and 2 Silver, while on the boys side Aidan Jones and Marcel Heather both won two events. In the 11-12 Age Group, Holly Gojmerac got one of each with Gold, Silver and Bronze medal swims, while for the boys it was Alexander Elliot with 1 Gold and 4 Silver medals to his name. Emily Schueler came away with 2 Gold and a Bronze to lead the 13-14 Girls, while in the 15/Over age group David Mallett and Ian Kendall combined for 5 Gold and 2 Silver placings. Paige Mohaupt and Brooke Davidson also were a strong one-two punch with 2 Gold and four Silvers between them.

ROW swimmers next compete at Youth Cup in Etobicoke from December 4-7, with a group traveling to Portland Oregon later in December to compete in the prestigious Bergen Invitational.


10/Under Girls:

Laura Bumbulis: 8th - 25 free
Kirsten Gerger: 200 back - 2nd, 100 Breast - 4th, 200 IM - 5th
Lauren Shearer: 2nd - 200 Breast, 3rd - 100 Fly, 4th - 200 IM
Hannah Mackay: 1st - 100 Breast, 2nd - 100 Free, 200 IM
Claire Neaven: 4th- 100 back, 7th-200 IM, 8th-100 Breast
Janessa Swanson: 2nd-100 Fly, 3rd-100 Breast, 200 IM

11-12 Girls:

Lindsay Geimer: 5th-100 Free, 200 IM, 6th-100 Back
Sydney Potts: 2nd-100 Fly, 3rd-200 Free, 4th-200 IM
Emily Yang: 4th-100 Fly, 5th-100 Breast
Alexandra Redlich-Stowe: 3rd-100 Fly, 6th-100 Free, 8th-100 Back
Holly Gojmerac: 1st-100 Breast, 2nd-100 back, 3rd-100 Free
Arianne Zamin: 7th-200 IM, 8th-100 Free

13-14 Girls

Laura Bartlett: 1st-200 back, 2nd-100 Back, 3rd-200 Free, 4th-400 IM
Erika Lade: 2nd-100 Fly, 50 Free, 3rd-400 IM, 100 Free, 8th-800 Free
Emily Schueler: 1st-400 IM, 200 Free, 3rd-100 Free, 4th-100 Back, 6th-800 Free
Meagan Wiederman: 2nd-100 Breast, 5th-200 Breast
Frances Jones: 1st-100 Breast, 2nd-200 Breast, 3rd-200 IM,
Anastasiya Zanko: 2nd-200 Free, 4th-100 back, 5th-100 Free, 6th-400 IM, 7th-800 Free

15/Over Girls

Paige Mohaupt: 2nd-100 Free, 2nd-100 Back, 200 back, 5th-800 Free
Brooke Davidson: 1st-100 Fly, 200 Back, 2nd-200 IM
Victoria Livingston: 5th-400 IM

10/Under Boys:

Ryan Mackenzie: 2nd-25 Free, 25 Fly, 3rd-100 Free, 4th-25 Breast, 5th-25 back
Marcel Heather: 1st-200 back, 100 Fly
Aidan Jones: 1st-100 Breast, 200 IM
Zachary Mulder: 3rd-25 Free, 4th-25 Back, 100 Free, 5th-50 Free, 7th-25 Breast

11-12 Boys:

Erik Bumbulis: 1st-25 Breast, 2nd-25 Fly, 4th-100 back, 50 Free, 7th-100 Free
Matthew McCuaig: 2nd-100 Fly, 3rd-200 IM, 6th-100 Free
Robert Pavlinich: 3rd-100 Fly, 6th-200 IM
Alexander Elliot: 1st-100 Fly, 2nd-100 Free, 100 Back, 200 IM, 50 Free
Adam Mackenzie: 2nd-200 Back, 4th-200 Free, 200 IM

15/Over Boys

David Mallet: 1st-1500 Free, 100 back, 2nd-200 IM
Ian Kendall: 1st-200 IM, 200 Breast, 200 Free

Kitchener debates projects for $9.8M provincial windfall

Money earmarked for infrastructure

November 28, 2008
Terry Pender

City councillors are deciding how to spend $9.8 million in unexpected funding from the provincial government.

City staff provided councillors with nine options for spending the funds — Kitchener's share of the provincial budget surplus announced earlier this year. (more)

Pool closing a tragedy

November 28, 2008
Charles Heather
Re: Wilfrid Laurier University pool
A valuable community facility will close on Dec. 31. It's now definite. All of the groups that use this pool know this should not have been allowed to happen. (more)

GOLD Squad competes at NOTHERS

November 27, 2008

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW) sent a contingent of swimmers to the Nothers Invitational swim meet this past weekend (Nov 21-23) where they faced off against some very strong competition. In spite of the
recent news regarding the forthcoming closure of their training facility at Wilfred Laurier University, all swimmers showed improvement and resilience.

On the female side, they were lead by Jenny Zhang and Cassandra Holtby. Zhang won the 11 year old 100m butterfly was second in the 50m butterfly,100m and 200m backstroke and finished third in 50m backstroke and the 50m and 400m freestyle. Holtby won the 11 year old 50m butterfly and the 200m freestyle and finished second in the 50m and 100m freestyle events. Hannah McKay had a spirited swim to finish second in the 10 and
under 100m butterfly. Jasmine Raines placed second in the 10 and under 200m breaststroke.

The ROW boys completed a podium sweep in the 50m freestyle on Friday with John Fauteux out-touching teammates Nicholas Pflug and Bradley Shushack for the win. The threesome almost repeated the feat in the 50m
backstroke, with Pflug beating out Fauteux for the gold and Shushack finishing in fourth. Fauteux continued his medal streak by wining the 50m breaststroke and 100m freestyle, placing third in the 100m breaststroke and 400m freestyle. Pflug added second place finishes in the 100m and 400m freestyle events.

Other top 8 performances included:

Mallory Allan - 6th 100m backstroke, 7th 50m and 200m backstroke, 8th 100m freestyle
John Fauteux - 5th 200m IM and 200m freestyle, 7th 100m backstroke
Cassandra Holtby - 5th 100m backstroke, 6th 100m butterfly and 400m freestyle, 7th 200 IM
Hannah McKay - 5th 200m backstroke
McKayla Meyer - 5th 200m freestyle, 7th 100m breaststroke, 8th 50m and 400m freestyle and 200m IM
Katia Myers - 5th 50m butterfly, 8th 100m butterfly
Nicholas Pflug - 4th 100 backstroke, 200m IM and 200 freestyle, 8th 50m breaststroke
Jasmine Raines - 5th 200m IM, 6th 50m breaststroke, 7th 400m freestyle, 8th 800m freestyle
Bradley Shushack - 4th 50m backstroke and 100m freestyle, 6th 100m backstroke, 100m butterfly and 200m freestyle, 7th 50m butterfly, 8th 200m IM
Jenny Zhang - 4th 400m IM, 5th 200m IM

Rec and leisure takes new approach

November 26, 2008
Greg MacDonald
Chronicle Staff

The City of Waterloo is implementing a big change in the way it operates its recreation and leisure department, moving away from providing services to facilitating neighbourhood efforts.

Heading up the new philosophy will be the department's new general manager, David Smith. (more)

UW can't say too much as clock ticks on Laurier pool

November 26, 2008

While hundreds of swimmers at Wilfrid Laurier University's soon-to-be closed pool hold their breath, the University of Waterloo has at least tossed a life raft over the rail. (more)

Laurier pool is worth saving

November 25, 2008
Anne Kallin

Re: Hope Fades For Laurier Pool — Nov. 17
It's unfortunate that neither the cities of Waterloo or Kitchener — nor another provincial or private donor — has come forward to save the Wilfrid Laurier University pool. (more)

Plug pulled on Laurier swim team

November 21, 2008
Christine Rivet

No pool at Wilfrid Laurier University means no varsity swim team after this season. (more)

Going under

WLU moves towards closing pool

November 19, 2008
Greg MacDonald
Chronicle Staff

After months of negotiations, Waterloo's only Olympic-sized swimming pool is still slated to be closed by the end of the year.

The Wilfrid Laurier University pool was originally supposed to be closed in the summer, but the university extended the deadline to give the cities of Waterloo and Kitchener, the province and local swimming groups time to find funding to keep it open. (more)

Pool's future bleak

Jeremy Tremblay November 19, 2008

Hope fades for Laurier pool

November 17, 2008
Greg Mercer

With six weeks left before it is to close permanently, hope that Wilfrid Laurier University's pool can be saved appears to be sinking fast. (more)

ROW swimmers at the Brantford Swim International

November 11, 2008

Brantford Swim International 2008
Region of Waterloo Swim Club had their first competition of the month in Brantford, competing at the always fast Swim International on November 7-8. With 40 teams from across Ontario and Quebec the meet lived up to its reputation as a very tough competition.

ROW swimmers were strong in all the age groups, with outstanding efforts from Graeme Kemp (all best times and all of his swims in the top 8). Dean Bennett also is off to a fast start this season, also swimming all best times and reaching the final in 200 Back. ROW's medals came from Luke Summerhayes (Silver in the 400 IM) and Bronwyn Kemp, Bronze in the 200 Breast.

These swimmers are gearing up for a number of bigger meets fast approaching: Canada Cup, Youth Cup and a group will be travelling to Portland to race in the Bergen Invitational.


13-14 Girls

Margot Cunningham 6th 200 Back
Sarah Livingston 8th 200 Breast

13-14 Boys

Graeme Kemp 8th 400 IM, 6th 200 Breast, 4th 200 Back
Dean Bennett 5th 200 Back

15-16 Girls

Monique Begy 6th 200 Back
Jessie Little 7th 400 IM
Alana Corrigan 8th 400 IM

15-16 Boys

Luke Summerhayes 2nd 400 IM, 6th 200 Breast,
Ross Bennett 8th 200 Free

17/Over Girls

Bronwyn Kemp 7th 400 IM, 3rd 200 Breast, 7th 400 Free
Carly Martin 4th 200 Back, 6th 100 Fly
Michaela Sceli 7th 200 Breast
ROW's Senior Girls Free relay was 7th (Monique Begy, Carly Martin, Margot Cunningham, Bronwyn Kemp)

17/Over Boys

Zach Summerhayes 7th 200 Breast, 8th 400 Free, 400 IM


November 4, 2008


Paralympians working to form permanent Paralympic Athletes Council

OTTAWA (November 12, 2007) - Paralympic athletes have come together to create an interim Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) Athletes Council. (more)

ROW Update

October 1, 2008

Hi Everyone.

Well, I think everyone is pretty much wet now and into their new groups.

Thanks to Cathy, Joline, Theresa, and Trina and everyone who put on a great meet & greet night with delicious cakes and a thanks to Keith for a fantastic presentation.

We are busy preparing for the new season and could use some extra help. There seem to be a lot of tasks but many hands make light work. We always hear the statement "but no one asked". This is it. We are asking now.

Head of Communications. I am stepping aside in order to put my time into Meet Management. This is the perfect job for the stay at home mom / dad (or someone who works for Government) Some computer skills are required. I.T experience is a bonus. Updating the website as required with help from the Communications committee. Sending membership emails and communications on behalf of the Club and or Board. A seat on the Board of Directors will be also be available at the upcoming AGM.

Communication / group parents : one person from each group is asked to work along side the coaches, and the communications director, sending out group communications as required.

Swimmer Services volunteers to assist in the preparation and serving of ROW events. Ie swimmer breakfast at the Black and White Meet, swim meets etc.

Swimmer Supplies: volunteers to assist in the sale and distribution of ROW Wear. The ROW Wear order form is also in this mailing. TRACKSUITS & BATHING SUITS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO TRY ON THIS THURSDAY AT WLU 6-7 p.m.

Shop and Support:: assisting in the distribution of Shop and Support gift cards and accounting of member orders.

Special Events : Halloween Dance NOVEMBER 1: VICTORIA PARK PAVILLION
Afternoon set up / after event clean up / selling tickets / at home help ie baking / cooking etc etc.

If you are able to help in any of these areas, please contact Tracy at t.judges@rogers.com
Tracy Judges

Tuomela finishes 8th at Paralympics

Laurier athlete represents Canada in Beijing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Laurier athlete Jessica Tuomela (Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.) finished eighth this past Friday in the 100-metre (more)

Tuomela misses making 50m final

September 15, 2008
Josh Brown

It didn't go exactly as planned for Jessica Tuomela. The Waterloo resident hit the lane markers three times during the 50-metre freestyle heats at the Paralympic Games in Beijing and it cost her valuable time in the sprint at the Water Cube. (more)

Jessica Tuomela competes in second Paralympics event

September 14, 2008

Sault Ste. Marie's Jessica Tuomela finished fourth in her heat in the women's 50-metre freestyle swim at the 2008 Summer Paralympics early Sunday. Tuomela, who a silver medal in the same event at the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney, did not compete in the finals today in Beijing. Her heat time was 34.06 seconds, 1.87 seconds behind the heat winner, China 's Qing Xie. On Friday, Xie set a world record in Tuomela's other Beijing event, the 100-metre freestyle. In today's final, however, the powerful Chinese swimmer finished in a disappointing seventh place, 1.67 seconds behind the winner, Italy's Maria Poiani Panigati.

Canada has won 34 Paralympics medals so far in Beijing : 12 gold, seven silver and 15 bronze.

Waterloo Paralympian ready for big race

September 13, 2008
Josh Brown

Jessica Tuomela is gearing up for her signature race at the Paralympics.
"The 50-metre freestyle is one of my best events," the Waterloo resident said when reached in Beijing yesterday morning. "I'm really a short-distance sprinter. This is the one I've been waiting for." (more)

Our Jessica overshadowed by Paralympics record-setter

Friday, September 12, 2008
By David Helwig


Sault Ste. Marie's Jessica Tuomela made it to the finals of the women's 100-metre freestyle event early today at the Beijing Paralympics, but found herself swimming in the wake of a world-record performance by China 's Qing Xie. Tuomela finished fourth in her heat, 4.53 seconds behind Xie's record-setting time of 1:10.36.Xie broke her world record again in the final, this time blistering the pool water in 1:08.96. Tuomela was eighth in the final, with a time of 1:14.79. Finishing half a second ahead of her in the final was fellow Canadian Amber Thomas. Tuomela scored a silver medal in the 50-metre freestyle event at the 2000 Summer Paralympics in Sydney. She also competed in the 2004 Paralympics in Athens, placing fourth in the 50-meter freestyle and sixth in the 100-meter freestyle and 100-meter backstroke. Tuomela will compete in the Beijing Paralympics again on Sunday, this time in the 50-metre freestyle event.

Canada 's medal count in Beijing currently stands at 19: seven gold, four silver and eight bronze.

Pool time is needed

September 05, 2008
Jack Schueler

Re: Troubled Waters For ROW — Aug. 20
It is disingenuous for Kimberly Ellis-Hale to claim she does not understand what all the fuss is about. Pool time is a scarce resource in this community, made more so by the impending closure of the Wilfrid Laurier University pool. For every hour of pool time acquired by this new club, there is one less hour available to the other aquatic clubs in the community. This new club may serve the interests of its founders and their children, but by constricting the amount of available pool time, it does not take into consideration what's best for the youth of our community. On their website, they claim "transparent and accountable governance" and yet Ellis-Hale claims to have been planning this club for over a year — a period of time in which she sat on the board of the ROW Swim Club. What I find most disturbing is that this club says it has formed a partnership with the University of Waterloo , one that locks out other aquatic clubs from access to the UW pool. As an alumnus and financial supporter of the university, I am very ashamed that UW has adopted a policy that prevents its own students, like Olympian Keith Beavers, and the children of alumni access to its facilities. At a time when the community is in need, I hoped that UW would have stepped up to the plate.

Jack Schueler

Explain the decision

August 28, 2008
Jamie Corrigan

Re: Region of Waterloo swim club

It would be interesting to hear more about why the University of Waterloo chose to exclude the Region of Waterloo ( ROW ) swim club from pool time in favour of a new competitive club. How did the new club gain the inside track when it came to be that ROW 's longtime practice pool at Wilfrid Laurier University was going to be closed, leaving many young swimmers scrambling for a place to train? This region desperately needs to update its aquatic facilities. My daughter has been a competitive swimmer with ROW for six years. In addition to her own swimming, she has taken on several coaching positions for novice swimmers and is now spending three weeks coaching young competitive swimmers at a swim camp. Due to the lack of local facilities, she's up at 5 a.m. each day in order to get to the camp in Etobicoke by 6:45 a.m. to coach. This coming season, without the WLU pool and without UW's co-operation, ROW swimmers will swim fewer hours spread out over inadequate facilities while trying to maintain the high standards set by 32 successful years in the pool.

Jamie Corrigan

Club not sanctioned

August 27, 2008
Christine Bourke

Re: Troubled Waters For ROW — Aug. 20

I was surprised in reading this article about the new swim club at the University of Waterloo that no mention was made of the fact that this new club is not sanctioned by Swim Ontario. (Nor does the club make this clear on their website). This means that the "competitive swimmers" in this club will not actually be able to compete. I wonder if the swimmers or the parents who sign them up for this club understand this. Swim Ontario has put an indefinite hold on the sanctioning of new clubs, and it may be some time before this is lifted. Even then there is no guarantee this club will get sanctioned. One of the criteria for sanctioning a new club is that it does not infringe on an existing club's ability to have access to water to keep their programs running. With the WLU pool closing, the ROW team is losing its home pool and has been shut out of using the University of Waterloo pool as there is no time available due to new club activity. In whose best interest is this new club in anyway?

Christine Bourke

Keep Laurier's pool

August 09, 2008
David and Kelly Summerhayes

Re: Local swimming program

Today, the world will be watching a swimmer begin his quest to become the greatest athlete of all time. Michael Phelps of the United States will begin his drive to win eight gold medals at the Olympic Games.
This would make him the most decorated Olympian of all time. Keith Beavers, of the Region of Waterloo Swim Club, will be competing in the 400-metre heats with Phelps, trying to squeeze into an impossibly difficult final. This will be a bittersweet moment for the 300-plus swimmers and the 200-plus families of the regional swim club: proud to watch Keith, sad to have no pool to swim in.

As one swim club family (like so many heavily committed swim families) our story goes like this. We sold our home on the water in Muskoka to come to the Region of Waterloo to swim for the regional club. This move has been a great experience for our children. The club, the cities and the region have been tremendously inviting, but with no pool to swim in our family's lifetime commitment to swimming is in peril.

So we will watch Keith Beavers with pride, but our hearts are heavy because we are unsure if the region's swimmers will be able to realize their dreams.

Please help support the local aquatic community, its programs and Wilfrid Laurier University in trying to keep the region's only Olympic-sized pool open.

David and Kelly Summerhayes

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