Angus Cunningham

Position: Director at Large

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About Me:

My name is Angus Cunningham and I have had two children progress through ROW from the TOP program all the way to Senior 1. Currently my daughter Margot is in Nandi’s group in Senior One and a national level swimmer. ROW has been a very good influence on my kids by teaching them commitment, dedication, hard work and has provided great friendships for them.

I have been involved in officiating at the club since my kids have been involved (over 10 years) and I am currently the Chair of Officials representing the club at the regional officials’ level and I have achieved level 5 qualification on the Up the Ladder process – the senior most level for officials in the province. This provides the club the ability to run meets on their own as well as provide training to our up and coming officials.

I have been heavily involved in organizing and running our swim meets, which are an important area of revenue for the club. We run 8 to 10 meets per year for the club, local high schools, WLU and the Special Olympics.

I graduated from the University of Ottawa in Commerce and I am a Chartered Accountant and am president of PrinterOn Corporation, a local high tech company that provides printing solutions for the mobile workforce including printing of emails and attachments from BlackBerry Smartphones and other mobile devices.

My wife, Jo-Anne, is a teacher at Waterloo Collegiate Institute and is also coach of the WCI swim team and is a level 2 swim official.

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