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Parents should judge kids, not just coaches

By Dan Bauer

Legendary coach Tom Landry said, "A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be."
Sometimes coaching is nasty work. Pushing players outside their comfort zone is a primary duty of any coach. For athletes, being uncomfortable has always been an expectation of participating in high school sports. It is the catalyst to growing physically as a player and emotionally as a person. "No pain, no gain" is a well-tested mantra endorsed by the athletic world.
At the risk of sounding too "old school," the reality is players have always whined about coaches' methods. The modern-day difference is many no longer believe that there is value in being uncomfortable — in getting pushed outside your comfort zone. It seems uncomfortable kids create uncomfortable parents.
Like clockwork, as one season ends, the coaching carousel starts turning as a minority of frustrated parents, often lacking a significant athletic background, begin texting and phone calling like spurned schoolgirls looking for a shoulder to cry on. They are certain the coach has sabotaged their son's or daughter's college scholarship and their team's championship season. Athletic directors field phone calls like they were selling tickets for a Beatles reunion.
The squeaky wheels of uncomfortable parents don't just want grease; they want a new car.
Young coaches are chastised for their inevitable growing pains, and veteran coaches are scrutinized for not producing enough victories. These coaching firing squads are a relatively new phenomenon fueled by parents who are more interested in holding coaches accountable than they are their own kids. There was a time when school administrators ignored this subjective information and discarded it like an anonymous letter. They would stand firmly behind their coaches and work with them to improve.
With alarming frequency, parents are brought in or sent surveys to evaluate their children's coaches. The perspective and information they bring to the table is almost exclusively secondhand. Having coached for over 30 years, I know unequivocally that the stories that go home are a biased version of what actually happened, not necessarily the truth. Secondhand information spreads without regard for accuracy. While parents may be experts at overestimating their child's athletic ability, they are ill-prepared to objectively evaluate coaches.
Common sense is all you need to understand that this is a flawed process. Minnesota is actually considering legislation to do away with these parent tribunals. When we have to pass laws to ensure common sense, we all look bad.
It would be irresponsible to assume all of these firings disguised as resignations were unfounded and caused only by extreme parents. Unethical coaches are uncovered at an alarming rate. I have heard profanity-laced rants from the other side of the locker room wall and heard war stories of extreme measures used to punish teams or players. Some "old school" methods that have really never been acceptable, but tolerated by a past society more interested in accountability than progressive orthodoxy, are still being used.
The "suck it up" and "run through a wall" mentality of the Lombardi era has been replaced by "Coach, why are we doing this?" Because I said so is not necessarily an adequate answer any longer.
Most of the complaints I hear about coaches is that they are too hard on players or too demanding. Instilling virtues such as sacrifice, discipline and work ethic is a tremendous challenge in today's spongy society. Many of our players are unfamiliar with being even uncomfortable, much less pushed or prodded to perform.
The line that divides acceptable from taboo methods of discipline and demand can be as razor thin as the line that often separates winning from losing. One is a learning experience; the other a newspaper headline. Making your child uncomfortable should not be grounds to dismiss a coach. College professors and bosses will be much more demanding.
Coaches are programmed to do what is best for the team. Parents are instinctively wired to do what is in their rose-colored vision best for their child. Administrators serve as judges in this trial of diametrically opposed philosophies. It becomes an unfair situation when disgruntled parents are selected for the jury.
We should be much more uncomfortable with these parental lynch mobs than with the hard lessons coaches are trying to teach every day through the high school athletic experience. There is much more to gain from a challenging athletic experience than another mommy and daddy bailout.
The last time I checked, high school athletics were still extracurricular, not a requirement to graduate. If you can't stand the heat, perhaps you should stay out of the kitchen — or off the athletic field.
Hard work can be uncomfortable, but learning its value is without equal.
Dan Bauer is the head hockey coach at Wausau East High School. Email gro.sloohcsuasuaw|reuabd#gro.sloohcsuasuaw|reuabd

2014 International Children's Game



Notice Regarding Amendments to Festival, Age Group and Provincial Standards
Amendments to Standards

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The Kitchener Waterloo International Children's Games delegation to Windsor 2013

The Kitchener Waterloo International Children's Games delegation to Windsor 2013 is having a fundraiser at the Boston Pizza on Ottawa Street at the Alpine Plaza on Wednesday May 22, 2013 from 5-8 pm. The delegation will receive 10% of the total bill sales from everyone who orders takeout or dine in meals that wishes to donate their bill to ICG. Attached is more detailed info and a coupon you will need to use to make sure your bill proceeds are donated to ICG. People will be handing the coupons out at the restaurant on Wednesday too.

ROW athletes selected by the Kitchener-Waterloo ICG Delegation to attend include the following:
• Aidan Elliot: age 14 (resident of Kitchener)
• Ryan MacKenzie: age 13 (resident of Kitchener)
• Rebecca Wong: age 12 (resident of Waterloo)
• Connor Watson: Swimming Coach

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ROW 2012-13 Season Feedback Survey NOW OPEN

Please help continue to make our club, the best club in the Region, the Province and CANADA. Our yearly season feedback survey is now open. Please respond by June 1, 2013. Click here for Survey

In the News

The Record — Kids in Sports: Pool of cash heightens competition at swim meet
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Waterloo Chronicle — Five years later, ROW working back from the brink
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Libro Financial Group is a proud sponsor of the Region of Waterloo Swim Club!


Join Libro Financial Group and Share the Future – As part of Libro’s Share the Future program, which aims to celebrate possibilities and build stronger communities, Libro will be donating $50 to any youth-related group or cause every time someone new starts banking with Libro. A local hockey team, a youth theatre group, a youth shelter, and even the Region of Waterloo Swim Club – it’s your choice.  Just visit a branch, open an account and share.  For more information about Get $50 to Give, visit, call the Waterloo Beechwood branch at 519-725-6060, or stop in to one of our branches for more information.

Swim deal prize winners
Thanks to you and Fitness and Swim we were able to raise $67.70 for the club.
Congratulations to the prize winners

Amanda Gutzke: Won a Speedo backpack
Omar Almoallim; Won a Speedo Watch
Mick Redding; Won a Speedo hat
Brad McCuaig: Won a Speedo Hat.

We will be doing this again in September if you missed it.


A very BIG "Thank You" to all ROW swimmers who raised funds through Swimathon! Every ROW Swimmer will benefit from your hard work. A large portion of the money raised will be used to ASSIST in the FUNDING of an underwater camera system that will be used for swim analysis by every level from TOP to Senior 1. Also pool cords are much needed and will be purchased from the Swimathon funds. Remember Swimmers, when you use the camera system or the new pool cords that you made it happen. Your fundraising makes a difference and makes ROW stronger.

ROW Swimmers raised $16,860 for this year's Swimathon. This is an increase from last year's donations by almost $7000! Using the online sponsorship by RaiseAThon made donating much easier which probably contributed to the donation spike.

Top fundraiser was Nicholas Fauteux with $930 followed by Lauren and Sarah Shearer who each raised $680. Sophie Richard came in a close fourth place by raising $620. The above mentioned swimmers will each receive a Menchies gift card for his/her significant contribution. Winner of the team pizza party is Silver 1 who raised the most funds with a whopping $4110. Please see below for the breakdown of group fundraising.

TOP $2942
Bronze1 $1852
Bronze2 $1060
Silver1 $4110
Silver2 $2152
Gold1 $1725
Gold2 $725
Senior1 $635
Senior2 $1449
General $210

As a side incentive for Senior 2, the largest fundraiser in this group receives the honour of coaching one practice. Joe Bartok has agreed to "get in the pool" for this and will do all sets dictated by the winner. Lauren Shearer has gained this privilege by raising the most funds for Senior2.

Swim Cap Design contest had thirteen entries made. Best Cap Design was chosen by member voting at Swimathon with Ashley Metz, Bronze2 receiving the most votes. Sixty swimmers raised over $100 and will each receive a cap with Ashley's design.

Grand prize draw will take place at the ROW Fun Day on June 15th for the Blackberry Z10 and the two 64G Blackberry Playbooks.

Thanks again to all who contributed from food for the Swimathon breakfast to raising funds for the club. Way to go ROW!

Swim Gear Deals (April 12 - April 14)

Who would like a great deal on some swim gear and also help support the ROW swim club?  

We have an excellent opportunity with one of our sponsors Fitness and Swim this weekend.  

Beginning Friday, April 12th and running until Sunday, April 14th, not only will we get 15% off all regular swim related gear, but they have just marked down all of their in-stock racing suits by 30%, aquablades are 40% off.  Yes, even laser suits have been marked down. But that's not all 5% of all sales will come back to the club! 

Now is the time to think about replacing some of your old swim gear with some thing new or to look forward to next season with some new swim gear. 
Fitness and Swim is located at
4 King Street South
Waterloo, Ontario
N2J 1N8
519 747 1424
Or go to our home page at the bottom and click on their logo to go directly to their website.  
Please take advantage of this excellent opportunity and help support our club at the same time. 



Thank you to all ROW swimmers who donated their twoonies during our ROW Movie day to support the Nicaraguan Sabalo Swim Club. Five hundred dollars was raised to help purchase swim supplies and a pool clock for this struggling club!! Currently there are nine Sabalo swimmers (5 boys and 4 girls) and if resources are available that number could grow.


Many Nicaraguan children have little hope to breakout of the cycle of poverty. With your generous help, the Sabalo Swim Club can bring hope to some of these children with the money that you so thoughtfully gave. And our relationship with this swim club will continue! We will be keeping contact with these swimmers throughout the year. Starting in September each ROW group, i.e.. Gold 2. Bronze 1 will "adopt" a Sabalo Swimmer. We will have a biography and a photo of each Sabalo swimmer and correspondence will be encouraged.

Thinking beyond ourselves is part of ROW's strength and heart. Together we can make a difference.

2013 Board of Director Positions Finalized

January 8, 2013
The newly elected slate of ROW Board of Directors nominated and voted on the board positions for the 2013 Season at the January BOD meeting.

· President – Gary Shearer
· Past President and VP – Tracy Bennett
· Treasurer and Club Services – Murray McKay
· Secretary – Rob Udvari
· Membership and Swim-a-Thon – Lynda Wormald
· Fundraising (Raffle) – Doug Dawdy
· Swimmer Services (Clothing) – Trina Fauteux
· Communications – Dave Friesen
· Sponsorship – Alex Berton
· Director at Large (Awards/Picnic) – Doug MacKenzie

Terry Fox Run 2012 - Sunday September 16

We will be running/walking/biking out of the Waterloo location under the team name of ROW’d Runners! Please go to this website for details about the event. To join our team go here and do a Team Search on Team Name ('ROW' will find us).

See you all there!


December 7, 2011 ROW Annual General Meeting

We are having our annual AGM on December 7th, 2011.

We will be drawing the raffle prizes during the AGM and will present the club financials for review. Also, the club requires at least 4 Board positions to be filled this year. If you are interested in getting involved with the Board or have questions on joining the board, please contact either Tracy Bennett at ac.gnimmiwswor|tnediserP#ac.gnimmiwswor|tnediserP or Gary Shearer at ac.gnimmiwswor|yraterceS#ac.gnimmiwswor|yraterceS.

The positions of the Board are voted on in our first meeting after the AGM. We meet once a month and the positions are attached for your review.

Thanks again for being Members of the Club! Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM.

Yours truly,
ROW Swim Club Board of Directors

Notice, Agenda, and Proxy Form
Board Positions

June 13, 2011 35 Years of Service to the Community

The City of Kitchener will recognize the Region of Waterloo Swim Club for providing 35 years of service to the Kitchener community at the next City Council meeting on Monday, June 13th, 2011. On this evening, Kitchener City Council will be presenting certificates to a number of volunteer groups who have reached significant milestone years of service.

All ROW members are welcome to attend the award presentation at Kitchener's City Hall. The award will be accepted by ROW's President, Tracy Bennett. The Kitchener City Council meeting starts at 7 p.m. and will be televised so it can also be viewed on Rogers Cable.

Congratulations to ROW on reaching this milestone! We look forward to seeing you at City Hall.

June 7, 2011 ROW Annual Awards Banquet

ROW is hosting its annual awards banquet on Tuesday June 7th at 6pm at the Sir John A. Macdonald Secondary School cafeteria (SJAM, 650 Laurelwood Drive, Waterloo - MAP). Parking is behind the school, accessed off of Creekside Drive, which is the first street past Laurelwood on Erbsville Rd. Alternate parking is available in the Food Basics plaza across Erbsville Rd. Enter the school via the main doors, cafeteria is to the right.

The Awards night will recognize all ROW swimmers from our KW Swim School trainees right up to Senior 1. All swimmers and their parents are encouraged to attend.

The dinner is potluck. Each family is asked to bring a main dish, as well as a salad or dessert. Dinner starts at 6pm, with awards to follow. As usual, the evening will include a multimedia show of our swim club members.

Also, please note that team group photographs that were taken a couple of weeks back will be on sale at this event. You can purchase a group shot of your child's level for $10 for a 5x7 and $15 for an 8x10. There will be limited stock (approximately 10) of each group photo at the event. If we run out, we can produce more copies and distribute them at a later date.

This is a fun event for everyone. Don't miss it. No RSVP required.

January 25, 2011 Nutrition Seminar

ROW is pleased is to offer a free Nutrition Seminar on Tuesday January 25, 2011, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Hawks Lounge.

Speaking to the parents of Bronze, Silver and Gold swimmers, topics will cover what to eat before and after practice, hydration and the importance of fruits and vegetables. Giving the presentation is Tina Rogers, a former ROW National level swimmer. Tina Rogers is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, coaches with the Masters Program at WLU, and is also a distance runner.

This is for parents only, and space will be limited, so please only one parent per family.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

December 8, 2010 ROW Annual General Meeting

Please be advised that the Region of Waterloo Swim Club will be holding the Annual General Meeting at the WLU Hawks Lounge on December 8, 2010 at 7pm. We have attached a copy of the minutes for the last year’s AGM as well as the Agenda and Proxy form for this year. We will be holding the Raffle draw during this year’s AGM so we hope to see everyone there. For those that cannot make it, we will publish the raffle winners on the website.

This year we have 3 seats available on the board of directors. Meetings are held once a month and all directors are assigned a role after we have a Board elected. If you are interested in standing for election, please contact Tracy Bennett by November 26, 2010 (ac.gnimmiwswor|tnediserP#ac.gnimmiwswor|tnediserP). We will send out a list of those members who have decided to run before the end of November.

Looking forward to seeing you at the AGM.

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