Coach Survey

Thank you for taking the time to assist us in making your ROW Swim Club the best it can be. We will use the responses from this survey to help improve our coaching and delivery of our program.

Please evaluate the swimmer's primary deck coach(es) and any other coach upon whom you wish to provide feedback. Submit multiple surveys for other coaches you wish to evaluate or for multiple swimmer families.

The evaluation is broken down for responses by swimmers and parents. We are looking for each perspective and would like both swimmers and parents to complete the survey independently. The survey is broken down into 2 sections. The first section is for swimmer/parent feedback on coach performance. And the second section is for a general rating based upon the 5 essential coaching ingredients outlined.

For younger swimmers, parents please go over the form with your swimmer and have them fill this survey from their perspective. The intent is to get the swimmer's perception of the coach not the parent's opinion of the swimmer's perspective.

Please help us in establishing and maintaining a productive coaching staff through your insights and directions.

The survey is completely confidential. We do not ask for names, just your group and whether you are a parent or a swimmer.

Thank you!

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Please complete all surveys by April 15, 2011.

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