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ROW Office

Region of Waterloo Swim Club
420 Weber Street N, Suite #103
Waterloo ON N2L 4E7

Office Manager: Tania Shushack
Phone : 519-885-1310
Email : ac.gnimmiwswor|eciffO#ac.gnimmiwswor|eciffO

Summer Office hours
By appointment only
Please email: ac.gnimmiwswor|eciffo#ac.gnimmiwswor|eciffo

Contact the Board of Directors

The Board understands that from time to time there will be incidents that happen in or around the pool that concern our parents or swimmers. We encourage you to contact your swimmer's coach first to discuss and resolve the issue. If you are not satisfied with the resolution, please bring your concerns to the head coach, Russ Franklin. If the situation arises again or does not get resolved to your satisfaction, we encourage you to contact the President or any other member of the Board.

Board meetings are open to all ROW members in good standing and are usually held on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Agenda topics must be submitted to the President a minimum of 2 days prior to the meeting.

Name (Bio) Email Title/Responsibilities
Tracy Bennett President Interim President
Alex Berton Vice President Vice President
Murray McKay Treasurer or ClubServices Treasurer and Club Services
Heather Stone Secretary Secretary
Doug Dawdy Fundraising Fundraising and Raffle
Alex Berton Sponsorship Sponsorship and Advertising
Lynda Wormald Membership or Swimathon Membership and Swim-a-thon
Trina Fauteux Clothing Swimmer Services/ROW Gear
Doug MacKenzie Director at Large Awards and Picnic
Dave Friesen Communications Communications

Contact ROW Meet Management

Email : ac.gnimmiwswor|reganaMteeM#ac.gnimmiwswor|reganaMteeM

Contact the Coaches

Name Email Title/Responsibilities Group
Russ Franklin ac.gnimmiwswor|ssuRhcaoC#ac.gnimmiwswor|ssuRhcaoC Head Coach ROW/WLU Senior 1, WLU Varsity
Joe Bartoch moc.liamtoh|eoJ_hcotraB#moc.liamtoh|eoJ_hcotraB Asst. Head Coach ROW/WLU Senior 2, WLU Varsity
Matt Mains ac.gnimmiwswor|ttaMhcaoC#ac.gnimmiwswor|ttaMhcaoC Age Group Coach Gold 1
Brian Lindsay ac.gnimmiwswor|nairBhcaoC#ac.gnimmiwswor|nairBhcaoC Age Group Coach Bronze 1, Silver 1, Gold 2
Kaitlyn Schultz ac.gnimmiwswor|nyltiaKhcaoC#ac.gnimmiwswor|nyltiaKhcaoC Age Group Coach Currently on Maternity Leave
Christine Furniss ac.gnimmiwswor|enitsirhChcaoC#ac.gnimmiwswor|enitsirhChcaoC Age Group Coach TOP, Bronze 2-Assistant
Mavrick Meyer moc.liamg|91vamhcaoc#moc.liamg|91vamhcaoc Age Group Coach Silver 2
Connor Watson ac.liamtoh|nostaw.a.c#ac.liamtoh|nostaw.a.c Age Group Coach Bronze 2, TOP Assistant
Katie Ferguson moc.liamtoh|nosugref_nnyletak#moc.liamtoh|nosugref_nnyletak Age Group Coach Senior 3, GHHSL
Brooklynn Meyer moc.liamtoh|reyemnnylkoorb#moc.liamtoh|reyemnnylkoorb TOP Assistant Coach TOP
Regan Bartlett-Green ten.yrrebkcalb.sregor|neergtteltrab_r#ten.yrrebkcalb.sregor|neergtteltrab_r TOP Assistant Coach TOP
Adam MacKenzie ac.oohay|camdergiba#ac.oohay|camdergiba TOP Assistant Coach TOP

Other Email Contacts

Email Purpose
ac.gnimmiwswor|gnisitrevdA#ac.gnimmiwswor|gnisitrevdA Send a message to our advertising/sponsorship group
ac.gnimmiwswor|tnemssessA#ac.gnimmiwswor|tnemssessA Send a message to the person in charge of swimmer assessment
ac.gnimmiwswor|draoB#ac.gnimmiwswor|draoB Send a message to the entire board of directors
ac.gnimmiwswor|gnihtolC#ac.gnimmiwswor|gnihtolC Send a message to inquire about ROW gear
ac.gnimmiwswor|sdroceRbulC#ac.gnimmiwswor|sdroceRbulC Send a message to the club records manager
ac.gnimmiwswor|retsaMbeW#ac.gnimmiwswor|retsaMbeW Send a message to the ROW Swim Club web site masters
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