December 2008

The good, the bad and the stupid

December 31, 2008
Andrew Coppolino

In any year-end reflection, there's a blend of good and bad, brilliant and stupid — and the virtually unbelievable at both ends of the scale.


It's probably the single most important local sports story, but I'm waterlogged trying to figure out what's up with area swimming pools.

Contrary to earlier reports, the University of Waterloo will not be building an Olympic-sized pool and training facility. With Wilfrid Laurier University's pool likely to close at some point, the region's swimmers desperately need such a facility. (more)

Plan is needed to save Laurier pool

December 27, 2008

Top-notch swimmers in Waterloo Region may regret the University of Waterloo's decision not to proceed with the construction of an aquatic centre, but they at least now know what they have to work with. (more)


December 27, 2008

Swimmer Keith Beavers was photographed in the Wilfrid Laurier University pool where he was training for the Olympics. It had always been Beavers' dream to swim in an Olympic final. This summer he saw that dream come true — but up against the best swimmers in the world he had to settle for seventh place in the last race of his Olympic career.

Governments must help save Laurier pool

December 26, 2008
Peter Pavlinich

Bravo to Wilfrid Laurier University for allowing the local community access to its swimming pool for so many years. But now that the university needs financial assistance to keep it open, the cupboards seem to be bare. (more)

Local swimmers among those trying to save WLU pool

December 24, 2008
Joni Miltenburg
Woolwich Observer

The fight is on to save the pool at Wilfrid Laurier University, and the Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW) is leading the charge. In a few short weeks, the club has rallied to raise more than $675,000, with a goal of $1 million. The club, along with other… (more)

WLU pool gets a temporary reprieve

December 24, 2008
Greg MacDonald
Chronicle Staff

Wilfrid Laurier University's 50-metre swimming pool was given a stay of execution last week in order to give time for the community to raise funds for repairs. (more)

Shame to lose pool

December 23, 2008
Maureen and Brian Bartlett
Re: Keep Up The Efforts To Save Laurier Pool — Dec. 17

We, too, are concerned that Wilfrid Laurier University has born the burden of costs for a pool that has been used by many outside groups for years. Other communities support their Olympic-sized pools financially, so why not our "smart community?" (more)

Battle to save pool isn't sunk yet

December 23, 2008
Tom McMillan
The fight to keep an Olympic-size pool open in Waterloo Region isn't done yet. (more)

'Very sad day' as UW pool plan collapses

December 22, 2008
April Robinson

Plans for an Olympic-size pool at the University of Waterloo have been quashed after a proposed donor fell through Friday.

It quashed a faint glimmer of hope for a local competitive swim club, which is using the ailing pool at WilfridLaurierUniversity, which could close any day. (more)

Laurier pool is too important to lose

December 22, 2008
Valentina Bojic Graf

Re: Wilfrid Laurier University pool
My 12-year-old daughter has just started swimming for the Region of Waterloo swim club. She had never been exposed to the university atmosphere when we first arrived at the pool on the Wilfrid Laurier University campus. (more)

ROW swimmers excel in Oregon

December 20, 2008

Four Region of Waterloo Swim Club athletes posted good showings at the highly rated Bergen Junior International Championships in Oregon. A total of 300 swimmers from Canada, the U.S. and Europe took part in the competition. (more)

A Message From Dean Boles

December 18, 2008

Seasons Greetings ROW Members

As you may be aware from reading the newspaper or the WLU website, the WLU pool will remain open past the December 31st deadline on a "day to day basis".

What does this mean?-It is essentially what we were doing for the past 9 months. The main factor is the Ventilation system and how long will it continue operating. As you can see the ROW Swim Club (your club) and its members have done an outstanding job at raising funds, raising awareness in the community and across the country. WLU has taken notice and has allowed more time for the real talking and real action to take place to find a solution to this situation.

Therefore the ROW Swimming program and schedule will continue as it is into the New Year. The Board and I are working diligently to have a suitable back up plan to keep our program operating in the event the pool closes.

We must continue to drive this project, seek out assistance, seek out more funds and achieve a secure home to swim in! We need all of you to stay the course on this too. (Please contact Tracy Bennett - for more information or Christine Tutssel for pledges

The ROW Board will be meeting Monday night to discuss the next steps and we will continue to keep you informed.

To date we have had some outstanding performances in the pool, hosted incredible events in and out of the pool and we have a new Board of Directors for the 2008-2009 Swim Season. Congratulations to Tracy Bennett President, Jane Begy Past President, Vice President Jack Schueler, Vice President Cathy Ferguson, Angie Martin Treasurer, Joanne Stewart Secretary, Directors: Mary Radyk, Caroline Willcox, Christine Tutssel.

For now—- Everyone enjoy the Holidays!!

Facility gets 'day-to-day' reprieve

Laurier will keep pool open

Liz Monteiro
December 18, 2008

Wilfrid Laurier University says it will extend a Dec. 31 deadline and keep its pool open on a day-to-day basis. (more)

All in

Swimmers make last-ditch effort to save pool

December 17, 2008
Greg MacDonald
Chronicle Staff
With the closure of the Wilfrid Laurier University swimming pool looming, Waterloo city council has agreed to study the possibility of partnering with the school and local swim clubs to fund repairs to the ailing facility. (more)

Get in the pool

December 17, 2008
Chronicle Editorial

The crisis with the Olympic-sized pool at Wilfrid Laurier University couldn't have come at a worse time with local councils crying poor.
There's a certain amount of belt-tightening expected with the gloomy economic forecast, but this also isn't the time to forgo our civic responsibilities as well. (more)

Laurier to keep 50-metre pool open on day-to-day basis to allow more time to raise repair funds

WLU Public Affairs
December 17, 2008 | For Immediate Release

WATERLOO - In light of substantial fund-raising efforts by the swimming communities in Kitchener-Waterloo and the apparent interest of municipal councils in offering support, Wilfrid Laurier University will keep its 50-metre swimming pool open on a day-to-day basis as long as it remains safe. (more)

Keep up the efforts to save Laurier pool

December 17, 2008

The race appears to be almost over, and the pool at Wilfrid Laurier University is on the verge of becoming the loser. What a shame this would be.
The aging pool needs expensive repairs but Laurier, understandably, doesn't have the money to pay for them. Laurier's prime purpose is to give its students a good education. From that perspective, repairing and maintaining a 50-metre pool is not at the top of its priority list. Unless it changes its decision, the university will close the pool at the end of the year. (more)

Winner bemoans loss of WLU pool

Josh Brown
December 17, 2008

Bronwyn Kemp had mixed emotions.

It was a big day for the Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate student. She won a trio of races for the Raiders and was named the top female individual swimmer at yesterday's WaterlooCounty high school championships at the WilfridLaurierUniversity pool. (more)

City will look for cash to save pool

December 16, 2008
Liz Monteiro

Waterloo councillors have asked staff to look at the budget and see if any money can be found to help keep the Wilfrid Laurier University Olympic-size pool open. (more)

Swimmers will ask Waterloo council to help save pool

December 13, 2008

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club, high school swim coaches and swimmers will ask City of Waterloo politicians for money on Monday night. (more)

Swim coach won't jump ship

Christine Rivet
December 12, 2008

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club may lose its home but will keep its head coach for now. (more)

Swim club campaigns to save pool

December 06, 2008

The Region of Waterloo Swim Club has launched a community-wide campaign to raise money to keep Wilfrid Laurier University's Olympic-size pool open. (more)

Kitchener asked to help save pool

'Our cupboards are bare, too,' Mayor Zehr says

December 02, 2008
Terry Pender

Before city councillors even started talking about the 2009 operating budget yesterday they faced a packed gallery of swimmers and their parents, calling on the city to help keep the pool open at Wilfrid Laurier University. (more)

ROW Training shows in results at Gord Bassett Invitational

Halton Hills
Dec 2, 2008

Region of Waterloo Swim Club members made the trek to scenic Georgetown on November 28-30 to compete in the Gord Bassett Invitational put on by the Halton Hills Blue Fins.

ROW's group of 33 swimmers were a strong presence right from the start of the meet, sweeping races and posting large improvements in their performances. Finishing the meet with 100% Best times are: Kirsten Gerger, Lauren Shearer, Janessa Swanson, Sydney Potts, Alyxandra Redlich-Stowe, Arianne Zamin, Meagan Weiderman, Anastasiya Zanko, Ryan Mackenzie, Marcel Heather, Aidan Jones, Matthew McQuaig, and Adam Mackenzie. In the 10/Under age groups Hannah Mackay and led the girls with 1 Gold and 2 Silver, while on the boys side Aidan Jones and Marcel Heather both won two events. In the 11-12 Age Group, Holly Gojmerac got one of each with Gold, Silver and Bronze medal swims, while for the boys it was Alexander Elliot with 1 Gold and 4 Silver medals to his name. Emily Schueler came away with 2 Gold and a Bronze to lead the 13-14 Girls, while in the 15/Over age group David Mallett and Ian Kendall combined for 5 Gold and 2 Silver placings. Paige Mohaupt and Brooke Davidson also were a strong one-two punch with 2 Gold and four Silvers between them.

ROW swimmers next compete at Youth Cup in Etobicoke from December 4-7, with a group traveling to Portland Oregon later in December to compete in the prestigious Bergen Invitational.


10/Under Girls:

Laura Bumbulis: 8th - 25 free
Kirsten Gerger: 200 back - 2nd, 100 Breast - 4th, 200 IM - 5th
Lauren Shearer: 2nd - 200 Breast, 3rd - 100 Fly, 4th - 200 IM
Hannah Mackay: 1st - 100 Breast, 2nd - 100 Free, 200 IM
Claire Neaven: 4th- 100 back, 7th-200 IM, 8th-100 Breast
Janessa Swanson: 2nd-100 Fly, 3rd-100 Breast, 200 IM

11-12 Girls:

Lindsay Geimer: 5th-100 Free, 200 IM, 6th-100 Back
Sydney Potts: 2nd-100 Fly, 3rd-200 Free, 4th-200 IM
Emily Yang: 4th-100 Fly, 5th-100 Breast
Alexandra Redlich-Stowe: 3rd-100 Fly, 6th-100 Free, 8th-100 Back
Holly Gojmerac: 1st-100 Breast, 2nd-100 back, 3rd-100 Free
Arianne Zamin: 7th-200 IM, 8th-100 Free

13-14 Girls

Laura Bartlett: 1st-200 back, 2nd-100 Back, 3rd-200 Free, 4th-400 IM
Erika Lade: 2nd-100 Fly, 50 Free, 3rd-400 IM, 100 Free, 8th-800 Free
Emily Schueler: 1st-400 IM, 200 Free, 3rd-100 Free, 4th-100 Back, 6th-800 Free
Meagan Wiederman: 2nd-100 Breast, 5th-200 Breast
Frances Jones: 1st-100 Breast, 2nd-200 Breast, 3rd-200 IM,
Anastasiya Zanko: 2nd-200 Free, 4th-100 back, 5th-100 Free, 6th-400 IM, 7th-800 Free

15/Over Girls

Paige Mohaupt: 2nd-100 Free, 2nd-100 Back, 200 back, 5th-800 Free
Brooke Davidson: 1st-100 Fly, 200 Back, 2nd-200 IM
Victoria Livingston: 5th-400 IM

10/Under Boys:

Ryan Mackenzie: 2nd-25 Free, 25 Fly, 3rd-100 Free, 4th-25 Breast, 5th-25 back
Marcel Heather: 1st-200 back, 100 Fly
Aidan Jones: 1st-100 Breast, 200 IM
Zachary Mulder: 3rd-25 Free, 4th-25 Back, 100 Free, 5th-50 Free, 7th-25 Breast

11-12 Boys:

Erik Bumbulis: 1st-25 Breast, 2nd-25 Fly, 4th-100 back, 50 Free, 7th-100 Free
Matthew McCuaig: 2nd-100 Fly, 3rd-200 IM, 6th-100 Free
Robert Pavlinich: 3rd-100 Fly, 6th-200 IM
Alexander Elliot: 1st-100 Fly, 2nd-100 Free, 100 Back, 200 IM, 50 Free
Adam Mackenzie: 2nd-200 Back, 4th-200 Free, 200 IM

15/Over Boys

David Mallet: 1st-1500 Free, 100 back, 2nd-200 IM
Ian Kendall: 1st-200 IM, 200 Breast, 200 Free

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