October 2008

ROW Update

October 1, 2008

Hi Everyone.

Well, I think everyone is pretty much wet now and into their new groups.

Thanks to Cathy, Joline, Theresa, and Trina and everyone who put on a great meet & greet night with delicious cakes and a thanks to Keith for a fantastic presentation.

We are busy preparing for the new season and could use some extra help. There seem to be a lot of tasks but many hands make light work. We always hear the statement "but no one asked". This is it. We are asking now.

Head of Communications. I am stepping aside in order to put my time into Meet Management. This is the perfect job for the stay at home mom / dad (or someone who works for Government) Some computer skills are required. I.T experience is a bonus. Updating the website as required with help from the Communications committee. Sending membership emails and communications on behalf of the Club and or Board. A seat on the Board of Directors will be also be available at the upcoming AGM.

Communication / group parents : one person from each group is asked to work along side the coaches, and the communications director, sending out group communications as required.

Swimmer Services volunteers to assist in the preparation and serving of ROW events. Ie swimmer breakfast at the Black and White Meet, swim meets etc.

Swimmer Supplies: volunteers to assist in the sale and distribution of ROW Wear. The ROW Wear order form is also in this mailing. TRACKSUITS & BATHING SUITS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO TRY ON THIS THURSDAY AT WLU 6-7 p.m.

Shop and Support:: assisting in the distribution of Shop and Support gift cards and accounting of member orders.

Special Events : Halloween Dance NOVEMBER 1: VICTORIA PARK PAVILLION
Afternoon set up / after event clean up / selling tickets / at home help ie baking / cooking etc etc.

If you are able to help in any of these areas, please contact Tracy at t.judges@rogers.com
Tracy Judges

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