Gary Shearer

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My eldest daughter, Lauren has been swimming with ROW since 2005. Lauren started swimming with ROW at age 6 as a TOP 3 swimmer, and has moved up through the levels and is now in the Senior 2 group. My youngest daughter, Sarah also started swimming with ROW at an early age (5) in TOP 2 and is currently in the Silver 1 group.

For the past number of years, I have been actively involved on the ROW Board of Directors, holding President, Secretary, Fundraising, Sponsorship and Swimmer Services roles. I have been involved on both the finance and coaching committees. Prior to joining the Board, I was active as a parent rep and official. During practices, you will always see myself or my wife Leanne watching our girls swim lengths and enjoying being part of the ROW team.

One of the best things any parent new to ROW or competitive swimming soon finds out is that the best location to watch your swimmer is on deck. So I have always been involved and excited about helping out at ROW swim meets and our ROW series meets. My wife Leanne is currently ROW's meet manager for all our home meets. I have enjoyed participating in the various officials’ clinics and roles including timing, stroke and turn, starter, electronics and clerk of course. I currently am a Level 3 official.

I graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1993, with an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics degree in Actuarial Science. My other passion, beyond my family’s involvement in ROW, is golfing. When I am not at the pool, or work, you will probably find me at Whistle Bear Golf Club, where I am a member.

I relished the opportunity to continue my involvement with ROW as president for the 2011-12 swim season. With the additional challenges that 2008-09 brought to ROW, it demonstrated how important swimming is to my family and to the community as a whole. The community and the ROW family pulled together to ensure that ROW would continue its proud history with a viable pool. I look forward to continuing as a member of the ROW Board of Directors for next season.

I am confident that I have the qualities and drive to contribute to ROW to ensure a club, and a sport that my kids love, continues to grow and thrive in our community. I am an extremely dedicated individual, very approachable, a good listener and a ROW advocate to everyone I meet. I am an analytical person by nature, not only understanding situations as a whole, but am able to break an issue down into its parts for closer inspection, identify manageable resolution steps and make progress towards a solution which includes clear communication to all members of the club. I am committed to excellence. ROW has set high standards in attracting world class coaches, producing great swimmers and developing great people. It is my goal to ensure the club is proactive in raising the bar.

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