Mission Statement
The mission of the Region of Waterloo Swim Club (ROW) is to provide opportunities for each of its athletes to attain his or her maximum individual potential in the sport of competitive swimming. To this end, the Club:
  • Provides optimum instruction, training, and competition for each swimmer, novice to champion
  • Instils an appreciation of commitment, dedication, and discipline in the pursuit of personal goals
  • Encourages a high degree of sportsmanship and team spirit
  • Provides opportunities for positive social interaction and emotional growth

The Club was founded in 1976 and consistently ranks among the top 10 clubs in Ontario and the top 15 clubs in Canada (there are over 500 swim clubs in Canada). Over the Club’s history, ROW swimmers have qualified to compete at many major international games, including the Olympics, World Championships, Pan American Games and Commonwealth Games. As well, many ROW coaches have been selected to accompany such provincially and nationally funded teams as the Far Western Tour Team, the Ontario Tour Team, the 8 Nations International Meet team, and Canada Games teams.

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