Officiating and swim meets for Silver parents

Each year, ROW hosts at least 5 Swim Ontario sanctioned meets. To have the meets sanctioned by Swim Ontario, ROW is required to have specific numbers of certified officials at various levels. For this reason, as part of the ROW registration, all families are required to take part in officiating education. As the swimmer progresses to more competitive levels, the parent of the swimmer must also advance up the official ladder.

Officiating Education Requirements for Silver Parents:

Once the swimmer gets to Silver level, at least one parent should already have:

  • Level I certification (i.e., completed Timekeeper/Safety Marshall clinic and obtained two successful on-deck evaluations as Timer)
  • Completed the Stroke and Turn Judge/Head Lane Timer clinic
  • Completed the Clerk of Course clinic.

Next, Silver parents need to complete Level II certification as follows:

  • Complete at least 3 additional Level II clinics (Chief Timer, Chief Finish Judge, Chief Judge Electronics, Recorder Scorer, Starter, or Meet Manager)
  • Have 2 successful on-deck evaluations as Stroke & Turn Judge/Head Lane Timer
  • Have 2 successful on-deck evaluations in one of the other Level II positions.

In October, ROW will be putting on several in-house officiating clinics. Notices will be sent to families via email and postings on the ROW website. In addition, most of the Level II clinics can be taken on-line through the Ontario Swim Officials Association website at However, you must contact the Club Officials Chairperson, Angus Cunningham (moc.noretnirp|mahgninnuca#moc.noretnirp|mahgninnuca), for the “keys” to take the online clinics.

Home Swim Meet Commitment

If your child is swimming in a ROW home meet, you are required to help officiate at that meet. Officials are scheduled as soon as the ROW entries are finalized. In most cases, every effort is made to ensure that parents are scheduled to officiate for sessions that their child is swimming in. This means that the schedule is usually not out until the week of the meet. If you are aware of a conflict, please email OFFICIALS COORDINATOR listed in the meet package as soon as possible. Dates for ROW home meets can be found on our Meets 2012-13 page.

Please keep ROW Home meet dates free to fulfill your officiating commitments. See you on deck.

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