Officiating and swim meets for TOP parents

TOP swimmers participate in ROW Series meets throughout the year where swimmers are timed in races and earn ribbons for swimming best times. The meets are designed to introduce swimmers to competitive meets in a fun environment.

The ROW Series meets are only for ROW swimmers in TOP and Bronze 2, and are held at the WLU Pool as follows:

These fun meets cannot be held without volunteers! If your child is swimming in the ROW Series meet, you are expected to help out with running the meet. Volunteers are required for timing, awards, electronics, starting, and many other positions. The coaches do not run meets because they are coaching the swimmers. Parents are responsible for running these meets.

As part of the ROW registration, all families are required to take part in officiating education. Officiating education includes taking clinics and performing the officiating tasks learned in those clinics. As swimmers move up in the club, parents are also required to move up their officiating education level.

Officiating Education Requirement for TOP Parents:

At least one parent of TOP swimmers must complete the Timekeeper/Safety Marshall clinic. This level I clinic will prepare the parent for their participation during the ROW Series meets. ROW will be hosting this clinic in October. You will be notified of the date via email. You can also take the clinic on-line through the Ontario Swim Officials Association website at However, you must contact the Club Officials Chairperson, Angus Cunningham (moc.noretnirp|mahgninnuca#moc.noretnirp|mahgninnuca), for the “keys” to take the online clinics.

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