Operating Philosophy

(Reproduced and revised with permission of PDSA)

Our Message to the swimmers and parents:

  • We are pleased to provide you with this opportunity for the pursuit of excellence. You are individually responsible for protecting our mission for yourself and for all others involved.
  • We aim to continually create and maintain a unique and special program that supports unique and special accomplishments. In order to foster that excellence, we must act differently that is the norm in other environments. Our mission requires a special environment, that is uncommon and with special action, and continual attention to the intention to excel. Part of your responsibility is to adhere to the following team philosophy and guidelines that support our high expectations.

Team Philosophy

Respect every team member. Treat everyone, including yourself, with respect, dignity, and consideration. Respect everyone’s, including your own, right to pursue goals consistent with the Team Purpose.

Accept that each ROW member is important. Everyone has the opportunity to participate and to make a contribution. Your acceptance and support of all team members is expected and greatly appreciated.

Acknowledge every team member. In our program, everyone counts. No one is invisible. Let everyone know that s/he is noticed and appreciated.

Value Swimming Excellence. We choose to hold fast swimming, good training and thorough preparation in extremely high regard. Welcome difficult, goal-oriented challenges. Seek out challenges that will help you swim faster, better than ever before, and when possible WIN!.

If you encounter doubts or fears, please talk to your coaches about them. Don’t mask them and please don’t express them in a way that could cause others to doubt or fear.

Contribute. We expect you to continually contribute to our program and to foster our mission.

Support everyone’s action for excellence.

Encourage everyone’s action for excellence.

Challenge everyone to take action for excellence.

Compliment and applaud everyone’s action for excellence.

Advocate ROW. We expect every team member to act as an advocate for our program. Say nothing but good things about our program, our staff, and our team members.

If you notice inadequacies, raise the issue within the club as per our policies on complaints, but continue to serve as ROW’s ambassador to the swimming world. We will not speak ill of any aspects of our program, team-mates, coaches, staff, or sponsors.

Make it Fun. Enjoy your swimming. Express your enjoyment of training and competing.

Please encourage others to talk about the fun. Please note that there is a huge difference between making the pursuit of swimming excellence fun and having fun at the expense of the pursuit of swimming excellence.

Appreciate everyone’s respect, acceptance, support, encouragement, compliments, challenges, and appreciation. Express your appreciation for such support.

Team Expectations

We are pleased to provide you with the opportunity to join our quest for swimming excellence. However, there are boundaries within which you must reside in order to swim with us. You may not abuse the opportunity or interfere with our quest. Do nothing that will detract from our mission.

Keep moving toward swimming excellence. Inaction is unacceptable. If you are not moving forward, you are going to be in the way. You may block the progress of others, you may get trampled on, or others may stumble over you. Keep moving forward.

No Grief. No put downs, barbs, personal attacks, aspersions, slurs, or the like. No jokes or humour at anyone’s expense (including your own). There is no such thing as good-natured grief. Give no grief. Zero, not ever. Instead, promote and encourage your teammates, coaches, staff, and sponsors.

No Excuses. We realize that everyone is imperfect and will make mistakes. Learn from them and get back on track. Make corrections, not excuses.

No Complaints. We realize that our program has imperfections and that, at times, aspects of it may not be perfectly suited to your liking. Don’t complain. Instead, make a contribution to our program.

If it is your perception that something is wrong, express complaints solely to someone who can do something about what concerns you. Frequently, the coaches are whom you should speak to about concerns. If, and when, you voice a concern, please also offer a suggestion for corrective action. Contribute, don’t complain.

Don’t tolerate goal-distracting or goal-detracting behaviour. Our purpose is too important. That goes for your actions as well. You may not interfere with anyone’s pursuit of excellence or his or her enjoyment of the pursuit of swimming excellence.

We recognize that no one is perfect. Everyone will mess up from time to time. (Mostly when inattentive to what they are doing, what context they are doing it in, or the purpose). So when someone is acting inconsistently with team purpose, please call their attention to what they are doing and remind them to get back on track. Please assume this responsibility for our mission.

Appreciate the reminder. Occasionally you may be inattentive or distracted and slip off track. When a team-mate or coach calls your attention to your slip, appreciate the reminder. Thank them and tell them what corrective action you will take to get back on track.

We are glad to have you along as a ROW member. Make it a wonderful experience.

There is no easy way. There is only the right way. The right way is not always easy.

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