Protecting Your Investment

I lost my … what can I do?

Every season, a few swimmers lose some piece of their equipment, either at practice or at a meet. What can you do to help recover these items?

Some preventative measures

As you no doubt have observed, when your swimmer heads out on deck at the pool, he or she looks a lot like everyone else. They wear the same shirt, the same swimsuit, the same fins, … as many of the other swimmers. It is very easy for your swimmer to lose track of their stuff, especially during a swim meet.

Your best investment is a water-proof marker. Write your swimmer's last name as large as possible on the tag inside their shirt, suit, whatever. If there is a white liner, write it there. If they have fins, write it on there. If they have a kickboard, let them decorate it so they can pick it out easily. You get the idea, right? The more visible, the better. Some parents have written their swimmer's name in nice big letters on the inner lining of the pants. When someone else goes to put them on, they see right away that they've got the wrong pants.

Above all, make sure that your items are marked.

If your swimmer comes home with something that isn't theirs, what do you do next?

  • Try to contact the owner if the item is marked; otherwise, check the Lost and Found section to see if has been reported "lost".
  • If this fails, you can send a message about the "found" item to ac.gnimmiwswor|snoitacnummoC#ac.gnimmiwswor|snoitacnummoC and we'll post it under the Lost/Found section.

If your swimmer comes home without something, what do you do next?

  • Check out the "lost and found" area on deck at the Laurier pool. Your item might be there. Otherwise, check the Lost and Found section to see if your item has been "found".
  • If you still can't find it, report a "lost" item to ac.gnimmiwswor|snoitacinummoC#ac.gnimmiwswor|snoitacinummoC and we'll post it under the Lost and Found section.

If you are unable to track down the lost item and you want to replace it, you will have to purchase another. Some items may have to be ordered. This may take time. If it has to be ordered in quantity, you may have to wait for other orders to join yours. Fitness & Swim and other vendors carry things like swimsuits, kickboards, and goggles. If it had a ROW logo, then it will have to be purchased through the ROW Swim Club. Many items are available at the ROW office on King St. If you need to order something that you can't get through other channels, send email to ac.gnimmiwswor|gnihtolC#ac.gnimmiwswor|gnihtolC.


Unless you can easily afford to purchase a new one, don't leave any electronics (camera, iPod, Zune, PSP, other MP3 player) unattended on deck at meets. An unattended gadget will disappear faster than you can read this paragraph. The best solution is to leave it at home.

Some other tips to protect your investment

Put your swimmer's initials on their goggles. Then, when another swimmer, coach, or official finds it, they might be able to figure out who the owner is.

Broken strap? It isn't necessary to buy new goggles. The strap can be replaced. Broken goggles but the strap is OK? Don't throw out that strap. Keep it for the next emergency strap replacement. When you head out for a meet, make sure your swimmer has a spare cap and goggles.

Whenever you leave the pool, check your swimmer's belongings. Are they wearing that expensive ROW jacket or has it been left behind on deck or in the locker room? Do the pants look a little too big today? Are both towel and swimsuit in the tote bag?

Add something distinctive to your jacket / pants. For example, a keychain on the zipper may prevent someone from walking out of the pool with the wrong jacket. The best thing is to have your warm-up suit embroidered with your swimmer's name. Some parents have also taken their swimmer's backpack to Sports Link (located at Charles & Ontario in downtown Kitchener) to have it embroidered with the ROW logo and swimmer's name.

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