Raffle Fundraiser

At ROW, we continue to look for fundraising ideas to help offset the cost of our training programs. In the past, it has proven challenging to get everyone to participate in our fundraising events so, once again, ROW has implemented a recoverable fundraising fee based on the group your swimmer is in. The maximum is $400 per family.

Currently your fundraising commitment will go towards the purchase of raffle tickets. For each $100 paid you will receive a book of raffle tickets. You can choose to sell these tickets or keep them for yourself and perhaps win one of these great prizes.

It is your responsibility to have the ticket stubs returned to ROW prior to the draw date in December.

Our target is to hold a yearly draw at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ROW Swim Club in December. The location for the AGM is still to be determined based on the number of attendees. Please mark your calendars to join us!

If you have any questions, please contact ac.gnimmiwswor|gnisiardnuf#ac.gnimmiwswor|gnisiardnuf.

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