Swimathon Instructions

Instructions for Using the 2011 Swimathon Software

Go to www.row.dojiggy.com (this link will open a new page in your browser).

This will take you to our HOME page. Right below our banner you will find the menu. Click on Register.

Pledge Participant Registration - Step 1 of 2

Complete the information about the new swimmer. The Zip Code (postal code) should contain a space between the first and second parts (e.g., N2N 5X5). The Email address you provide will be sent the login information regarding this account. The Username and Password will be used to manage your Swimathon web page.

Click Next» to go to step 2.

Pledge Participant Registration - Step 2

The Personal Web Link box asks for a name for your personal web link page. Enter swimmer's first name. If there are swimmers with similar names, please use a unique name, possibly adding last initial or nickname.

The Personal Fundraising Goal has been preset to a minimum of $100. This does NOT mean that you must bring in a minimum of $100 to participate, it is just a minimum goal for everyone to strive for so they can get the new swim cap. Please enter whatever amount you think you can achieve.

Click the Register button.

Once registered, you will be directed to the Region of Waterloo Swim Club contact information page. There you will see a link as follows:

Please click here to go to your Pledge Control Panel

to personalize your webpage, send emails and track your progress.

Click this link.

Pledge Control Panel - Personal Settings

Notice the buttons with blue text just above the bulleted list. Click on Personal Website. You will be redirected to your personal web page.

On your personal web page you can tell us something about yourself and what swimming means to you. What your goals are for swimming, school, this Swimathon, whatever you would like.

The Email Thank You Message window is for you to enter a Thank You email.

The last item on this page allows you to upload an image. If your image does not load, it will come back and tell you it couldn't load and this is probably because the image is too large. Just to the left of the Image window and Browse button you will see Resize Image Tool. If you click on this link, you will be taken to a new window where you will enter the size of the image you want (e.g., 400 x 400) or a % of original size (a better choice that preserves the aspect ratio). Use the Browse button to locate the image and then click Upload Image to get an image with the new dimensions.

Other menu items in Your Account include a means for you to enter in manual pledges (please retain all original pledge sheets and turn them in to your Swimathon group representative). Other pages are available that will let you email multiple friends and family and that will let you review your pledges to date and their status (paid, pending, etc.).

If you have any questions, please contact your Swimathon Group Representative.

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