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My introduction to swimming began in North Carolina (1997) where, for 3 years, my boys participated in city summer programs. Their competitive careers started at the ages of 4 and 6 and I was involved too as our club ran many meets and fundraising initiatives – an all-volunteer program. Once back in Waterloo (2000), it was exciting to know that my kids would join ROW, Victor Davis’ club. The 2000 Sydney Olympics had just passed and it was thrilling to join a club where two Canadian Olympic Team and Canadian Record holders were training (Laura Nicholls and Jen Button), and, to have an Olympic calibre coach (Dean Boles)! ROW was, and remains, the home for my children to experience great swimming. The potential for excellence was all here in K/W.

Ross and Dean are now in their tenth season (Senior) at ROW. In these 10 years I have chaperoned, officiated, and served on many committees. Swim Canada’s National Training Centre realignment (2005) was the catalyst for my desire to be on the Board where:

  • I was the sponsorship director and ran some of the fundraising initiatives.
  • I was part of the committee that wrote and submitted the Trillium Grant that funded our score clock, blocks and timing system.
  • I started the ROW-in-the-Community with the first tree planting at Columbia Lake.
  • I organized the first “Fall First Try Food Drive” that continues with the PB&J Drive.
  • I organized and ran two video children’s dance parties.
  • I sponsored the first Annual May Money Meet in 2006. I donate $1K each year as a cash incentive prize for the open category to increase attendance with senior swimmers and an attraction for faster competition.
  • In addition to the May Money Meet, I sponsor the club directly with a $1K annual donation.
  • I organized a Chapters night where our Canadian carded athletes Keith Beavers, Matt Mains and Jen Fratesi, read to children and a portion of the purchases was donated to the Club.
  • I introduced and administered the Shop and Support Program for the last two years, to assist members with a way to offset the costs of travel and meet costs.
  • In 2007 I won the Volunteer Award for my involvement in the Club.
  • I have won Sponsor of the Year three times as well as Coaches pick award for my assistance as a Group Parent.
  • I have been part of the “Save the Pool” initiative and formed the RWWA-Region of Waterloo Watersport Alliance

Beijing 2008 will always be in my memories. Watching our own, Keith Beavers, swim to 2 Canadian Records and a 7th place finish in the 200 IM was a highlight of our history for ROW. I know the efforts of what Keith and Dean did to get him there was intense. For those kids that were in his training group, we thank you Keith for being such an amazing role model and training partner. We wish him well as he retires this year knowing he will enter medical school and continue on with excellence wherever he ends up! For the swimmers that had the opportunity to know Keith, this is the Great Citizen that we talk about creating. I am glad that Keith was part of ROW and we feel part of helping create his success!

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